11/3/2019 Dispensary Menu Links and Shortage Updates.

(Comprehensive, now with price ranges!

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11/3- Clearly, the shortage has not improved; as such, I will not be updating this list until there are significant changes. Use this resource to check on your favorite dispensary menus daily as we all wait for improvement. The current best prices in Pennsylvania belong to Solevo, Cranberry (Zelienople, PA) at the time of this update with $11/gram. With hope, we will see prices like this spread across the state (and lower!) when the shortage eventually ends. As always, you are welcome to contact me with any and information, especially new dispensary openings.

10/27- The shortage continues. I am postponing the update until Monday, even with the new supplier we are still in the red. Hopefully, Monday morning will bring more positive changes for PA MMJ patients.

10/25– Shortages are now completely overtaking the entire state entering into the weekend. Although refills are possible over the weekend, the best suggestion we have is to get on the text list your favorite local dispensary and hope for the best. As of today, there is still hope from within the Pennsylvania Cannabis industry that relief may begin November 1st.
…Only time will tell.

Update 10/24/2019: We will be working on updating near the close of the average business day as many days as we are able to do so at least until the end of the present shortages. This list is accurate as of the evening of 10/24/19 per each dispensary menu.

When preparing to pick up my prescription from the dispensary, we all think “Will they have what I need and will I be able to afford it?”

This guide is intended to cut down your research time considerably. Several times a week I will look at flower prices from lowest to highest per weight and list them in comparison with the present industry pricing. Each new update will be listed with the most recent date of pouring through online dispensary menu’s for all of Pennsylvania.

It is easy as a dispensary to change your mark from a sad yellow or angry red to a happy green: Lower your prices. This is not to evaluate any other qualities of our dispensaries except as a snapshot of prices, from their websites, at each time this information is updated.

We are starting with Flower/Dry Herb prices first. Other articles will keep tally of other products in the coming weeks.

(Always call each location prior to travel to confirm selection and pricing)
Selection: πŸŒ„ -Plentiful ⏳-Hurry ❌-SOLD OUT 🌻-CBD Only
(Since a shortage is still evident, ‘⏳’ is the best we have a this moment)

❌❌ Sold out of all flower products.
❌🌻 Mostly Sold Out/CBD flower only
πŸ’šGreat (many 1 gram buds for under $15 and/or 3.5g flower under $45)
😐Fair (1 gram flower between $15.01-$19.99, 3.5g container $45-50)
πŸ”΄Unfair (No 1 gram flower under $20.01+ 3.5g priced higher than $51/7g $91 above. Deceptive pricing practices.)

😐⏳ Herbology, Gettysburg:
1g=❌ 3.5g=$50-60 7g=$ ❌

❌🌻 CY+, Pittsburgh:
1g=$15.🌻-20. 3.5g=$50-55.🌻 7g=❌

πŸ”΄β³ Keystone Integrated Care, Lawrenceville:
1g=$20. 3.5g=$50-65. 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Maitri Medicinals, Pittsburgh:

1g=$❌ 3.5g=$50🌻 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Solevo, Squirrel Hill:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$45🌻 7g=$❌

❌❌The Healing Center, Monroeville:

1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌❌ Harvest, Reading (5th Street):
1g=$ ❌ .5g=$❌ . 7g=$❌
❌🌻 Harvest, Reading (Lancaster Ave):
1g=$21. 3.5g=$52-57.🌻 7g=$94.🌻

❌❌ Herbology, Altoona:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌🌻Beyond/Hello, Bristol:
1g=$❌. 3.5g=$48.🌻 7g=$❌

❌❌ Liberty, Bensalem:
1g=$ ❌. 3.5g=$ ❌. 7g=$ ❌

❌❌ Restore, Doylestown:
1g=$ ❌. 3.5g=$ ❌. 7g=$ ❌

❌❌ TerraVida, Sellersville:
1g=$ ❌. 3.5g=$ ❌. 7g=$ ❌

❌🌻 CY+, Butler County:
1g=$15.🌻 3.5g=$50-55.🌻 7g=$ ❌

πŸ’šβ³ Solevo, Cranberry (Zelienople, PA):
1g=$11 3.5g=$39-50. 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Beyond/Hello, Johnstown:
1g=$❌ . 3.5g=$48-55.🌻 7g=$90.🌻



❌❌ Nature’s Medicines, State College:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ Cure, Phoenixville:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ Keystone Shops, Devon:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ TerraVida, Malvern:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌🌻 Herbology, DuBois:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$40-45.🌻 7g=$❌



❌🌻 Nature’s Medicines, Bloomsburg:
1g=$ ❌ 3.5g=$55-60.🌻 7g=$ ❌



❌❌ Organic Remedies, Enola:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Rise, Carlisle:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$55-60. 7g=$90🌻

❌🌻 Rise, Mechanicsburg:
1g=$ ❌ 3.5g=$55-60.🌻 7g=$❌

❌❌ Herbology, Morton:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Rise, Steelton:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$ 55-60.🌻 7g=$❌



πŸ”΄β³ Rise, Erie:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$55-60. 7g=$90.🌻

❌🌻 Maitri Medicinals, Uniontown:
1g=$❌ . 3.5g=$50. 🌻 7g=$❌


❌❌ Organic Remedies, Chambersburg:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌❌ Herbology, Brookville:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌🌻 Beyond/Hello, Scranton:
1g=$20. 3.5g=$48-55.🌻 7g=$90.🌻

❌🌻 Columbia Care, Scranton:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$45.🌻 7g=$ ❌

πŸ”΄β³ GreenGoods, Scranton
1g=$17 3.5g=$55-$65. 7g=$ ❌

πŸ”΄β³ Harvest, Scranton:
1g=$21. 3.5g=$52-68. 7g= $❌.

❌❌ Justice Grown, Dickson City:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Cure, Lancaster:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$49.99 🌻 7g=$❌



❌🌻 Herbology, Lebanon:
1g=$ ❌. 3.5g=$60. 🌻 7g=$110.🌻

❌🌻 Columbia Care, Allentown:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$45.🌻 7g=$90-100.🌻
❌❌ Keystone Canna Remedies, Allentown:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
❌❌ Mission, Allentown:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Columbia Care, Wilkes-Barre:
1g=$❌ -16. 3.5g=$45🌻. 7g=$90.🌻

❌❌ Justice Grown, Edwardsville:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Keystone Center of Int. Wellness,Williamsport:
1g=$❌. 3.5g=$50.🌻 7g❌

❌🌻 Herbology, Bradford:
CBD 1g=$15🌻 3.5g=$50🌻

πŸ”΄β³ Rise, Hermitage:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$55-60. 7g=$❌


❌❌GreenGoods, Stroudsburg
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌


❌🌻 Herbology, King of Prussia:
1g=$❌ . 3.5g=$50-60.🌻 7g=$90.🌻

❌❌ Ilera Dispensary, Plymouth Meeting:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ Keystone Shops, King of Prussia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Liberty, Norristown:
1g=$ ❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$90.🌻

❌❌ Restore, Elkins Park:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ TerraVida, Abington:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



πŸ”΄β³ GreenGoods, Bethlehem:
1g=$20. 3.5g=$55. 7g=$❌
❌❌ Keystone Canna Remedies, Bethlehem:

1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌🌻 Beyond/Hello, Center City Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$48.🌻 7g=$90🌻

❌🌻 Beyond/Hello, Northern Liberties,Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$50.🌻 7g=$90🌻

❌❌Cure, Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$ ❌

❌🌻 Herbology, Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$ ❌ 7g=$90.🌻

❌❌ Keystone Shops, South Philly:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$ ❌

❌❌ Liberty, Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$ ❌

❌❌ Restore, Fishtown:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

😐⏳ Verilife, Philadelphia:
1g=$❌ . 3.5g=$50. 7g=$90.🌻


❌❌ Nature’s Medicines, Selinsgrove:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌❌ The Healing Center, Washington:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌



❌🌻 CY+, New Kensington:
1g=$15.🌻 3.5g=$50-55.🌻 7g=$❌

❌🌻 Rise, Latrobe:
1g=$20 3.5g=$50.🌻 7g=$90🌻

❌🌻 Keystone Integrated Care, Greensburg:
1g=$❌ 3.5g= $35-45.🌻 7g=$❌



❌❌ Fluent, Hanover:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

❌❌ Organic Remedies, York:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌

😐⏳ Rise, York:
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$45-60. 7g=$❌

Transparency is the greatest weapon we own against injustice. From price inflation to local monopoly, there is no need to write smear articles. The menus they price are their own shame and honor, really.

With this list, we encourage Pennsylvania to vote with their dollars and willingness to travel. Some of us have disabilities that allow for more mobility than others I strongly support the use of this resource to choose where to find your medicine the most economically

Every dispensary is granted largely the same products as well as the same weight of ethic and responsibility to competently dispense their patient’s medications. This is your weekly grade in economic ethics, Pa Dispensary! A few of you are doing very well, others, well, you will just need to work harder getting prices down lower for next week.

For patients: Take this opportunity in Pennsylvania history to stand for those who cannot by taking our business to those with fair prices, in hopes of forcing prices downward for all.

If you work at a dispensary and would love to make my job easier, please contact me at renalexanders@gmail.com and I’ll email you my phone number.

Again, this list is not a complete condemnation of any one dispensary- at any moment, you are welcome to lower your prices and we would be delighted to have each one of you marked as a happy, green heart!

Please share this post to all medical cannabis patients across Pennsylvania🌟

Speaking of Dispensaries, I will be lurching into a new dispensary by the end of this week to record in our upcoming “Dispensary First Impressions” segment of this website- and likely one within some reasonable distance to a Sephora as I need to find a foundation to match my awful, greenish complexion and mask it into at least a more pleasant sort of green.

In better health, the hunt for matching foundation is just the perfection of modern warpaint by/for the antisocial. πŸ”₯

10/26: I updated the formatting to hopefully work on mobile more clearly. Not all dispensaries list their flower menu online I compile this list, by hand, pulling up each website menu individually one by one- and that is where I get my public information.
No bots, crawlers, hacks, or code… it’s just me. With that in mind, keep in mind also I am failable human doing my best to provide every patient in the state this service to arm themselves with these prices to fight against the prohibitive cost of our medicines.

In other news I have been in and out of the hospital with lung issues, so I take your requests to improve formatting as I have energy to implement them. This page gets updated at least once a day.

I also have 12 mostly-complete articles I need the time/energy to publish. At this time, I feel keeping this record is the more important priority.A huge thank you for all the positive support and constructive feedback.


  1. My concern as a patient is the prices. They are not competitive at all. Here in Lancaster absolutely no dry leaf. Today a fellow patient told me that our dispensary had grams only and was they aren’t going upload those items to the website. I find that practice is highly suspicious. Why wouldn’t you upload your items, especially the ones people need? The black market is having a field day right about now. All this land and no dry leaf πŸ™„. Secondly, CBD should never ever be the same outrageous price as THCπŸ™„πŸ˜ž. They should be handing it out. Most of the dispensary workers appear to have never been around cannabis until day one of employment. An ounce cost $500. It’s almost hilarious if I wasn’t a patient

    • You are right on all counts. I hope that posting these prices publically will give our patients the resources to fight back. I am working on a state by state price comparison article to show how badly our prices for medicine compare with other mmj states.

      Also, Reading is even worse price wise than Lancaster… I drove all the way to Ilera in Plymouth, Rise in Steelton, and TerraVida just to avoid Cure and Harvest’s extortion. It’s all terrible prices, but some places are slightly better than others.

      Hopefully with exposure and the end of shortages prices will stabilize. We just have to get through this particular rough patch.

  2. this seems a little skewed;

    Certain dispensaries may just have higher cost, higher quality, higher potency – 1/8’s/or even β€œpremium strains” from certain growers in stock for their patient based needs. Talk to a Buyer/Inventory Specialist if you want actual prospective on what the realities are region to region. They are really no better or worse..

    $50 Ilera Eighths are $50 for a reason – compared to their $65 eighths.

    • Every dispensary gets the same choices from the same vendors. I only pulled the highest and lowest prices.

      These are prices pulled from their websites are fact. There is no “special” processing. They get the same Ilera,Terrapin, Standard Farms, etc. The ‘reserve’ products have been in every dispensary I visit from Sellersville to Steelton

      Our state is a closed market. All of our cannabis products are produced in state and packaged here in state. The idea that any dispensary has ‘special products’ is the lie they try to sell you to justify outrageous prices.

      Besides, this is supposed to be medicine, not some bourgeois salon that only the rich may afford.

      All prices need to come down. I have dispensaries from Maine calling me about how they both accept PA MMJ Id and sell entire ounces under $200.

      Pennsylvania patients deserve affordable medicine.

      During a shortage, calling first and ordering online works best.

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