The Weekly Grind: Christmas Week Edition- 12/25/2020

Dearest Readers,

Botox for migraine usually grants me about 45 days migraine-free before the unending head pain begins again; unfortunately, holiday stress is a trigger so they came a bit early this season. My next series of shots is the second week of January. Since the wordpress app has never worked on my phone correctly, I have been updating for the month of December on Facebook on my phone where I have intense filters and the smaller screen aggravates my photosensitivity less. Since I also severely ration my medication due to temporarily inflated prices, this is also the first day I have been fully and properly medicated during this time. So, without further ado, here are the two posts from facebook:

December 24, 2019:

Did you know you should store your concentrates in the fridge? I just learned from the label of this Zkittles×Jesus OG indica from Moxie.

Harvest dispensary 5th street actually won on selection today as Reading patients rushed to make their last minute purchases to survive the holidays. (Always remember to call ahead and reserve when visiting Harvest: they always make certain to honor phone reservations:)

The selection on most menus seems to be improving as prices still fluctuate across the state as we await further state regulation to make medicine more affordable for all. At this time, I find a combination of indica concentrates alternated with a self mixed combination of CBD and Indica/hybrid flower is my current ideal for managing both anxiety and my migraine pain effectively.

In the meantime, if I had to choose only one genre of product for acute symptom relief the most affordably investing in a vaporizer for concentrates (shatter, sugar, and sauce) is a safe bet. The ability to see your exact dosage, the strength of the medicine and the pleasantness of taste are great benefits.

The average prices for a .5 oz jar run statewide from $35-$65 on average (with occasional products either being on sale or gouged by corporate decision per dispensary).

The only disadvantage is finding the correct equipment. I use a Yocan, however the temperature is not adjustable. Yet, as an asthmatic, I find no irritation from vaping concentrate products using this pen. As always, your mileage may vary.

(NOTE: Clearly the Zkittles X Jesus OG worked, I was able to type this tonight- Ren)

December 17th, 2019:

Your editor is currently down for the count with a barometric triggered migraine. This post is written on my cell phone with several, working filters that dim this screen considerably. I will likely republish this on the site as my weekly editorial when I can.

I am doing my very best, but every legal patient I know is hard-rationing our medication due to price increases… however, many typical migraine medications are equally expensive. Mine are expensive. I have changed health insurance from Aetna to Keystone which takes effect Janurary. The ability to edit depends strongly on my ability to see clearly. I can write with my eyes closed, however, I cannot edit articles this way.

Please attend any of the protests you see by Lehigh NORML and other organizations in Harrisburg as the opportunities arise, if you can. Every person who attends also represents patients like myself and so many others who are temporarily incapacitated because we cannot afford dispensary prices.

Epileptics, PTSD, and Migraine patients are particularly susceptible to terrible side effects that can be equally as debilitating as our conditions. In my case, triptans are roulette as to whether they will improve me or if they will trigger an even worse migraine. Then, I cannot try again for 48 hours, or my other choice is the urgent care to rule out stroke and receive several painful injections to interrupt.

Chronic migraine is incredibly common in women in our 30’s and 40’s. (Especially hysterectomy patients, we simply trade one pain for another by the lack of female physiological-focused medical research)

However, what has been proven is that Cannabis helps us with our nausea, our pain management, and concentrates work for many of us in place of painful injection interrupt drugs. Cannabis soothes light and sound sensitivity and allows me to sleep better…If I have my ideal products, dosage, and strains (Indica with high Myrcene, plus a Sativa with high THCA (no Deisel) plus a strong CBD such as The Wife)

At this point, medicating correctly with dispensary cannabis affordably is a white whale. A migration, if you will, between dispensaries. I have met Scranton patients in Reading Harvest, and I’ve met people from Philadelphia in TerraVida, Sellersville.

I live in Reading. I make my decisions entirely around doctor appointments. (Writer pauses to call pharmacist because now Naratriptan no longer works, let’s try some red Congolese sugar in the Yocan…)

Anyway, the sicker I get from medical conditions symptoms crossing horribly, the less I can do, including the less I can travel. The less I can travel, the lower my ability to get the correct medicine affordably, and ultimately, the death of my productivity.

So, here I am, writing an editorial on my phone. This is the best I can do at the moment, but I have hope for the future that we will eventually have the right to grow our own medicine. In my case, I am saving up for that little grow cabinet that literally just does everything for you with minimal input. (Since I am awful with plants)

Anyway, fight for regulation: quality control, anti-price gouging, better accountability for defective product, and increases in availability and affordability. Open more dispensaries, and return the rights of Pennsylvanians to grow plants.

Have a very excellent holiday, whatever it is you celebrate!

-Ren Anderson
The Editor with too many things to Edit on Christmas…

….When I should leaving stockings out for Sleipnir, the eight legged flying horse of the Original Father Winter (he has a lot of feet…eight to be exact, they get cold and he gets constantly overshadowed by these newfangled glow-nosed reindeer. If you give Sleipnir socks, he allegedly fills them with candy for letting him borrow them. I don’t make the rules, I just report them)

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