Taking Stock: PA MMJ Dispensary Prices for Flower and Concentrate and Shortage Update (New Format!) – 1/9/2020

“Weed Fireworks” is apparently a shutterstock favorite.

The current trends noted from pulling all 26 dispensary companies is that the overall flower selection statewide has improved since November. Although shortages are widespread, they are not omnipresent as they once were. The statewide price point is also improving:

This month’s winners are the newly opened Ethos Dispensary of Philadelphia, plus Beyond/Hello, Keystone Canna Remedies, Keystone Shops, Rise, Solevo, and TerraVida who are actually keeping prices closer to the national averages and staying at excellent price points. This is the largest amount of dispensaries keeping things fair to patients since this sites inception. The forecast is looking brighter for PA-MMJ patients- expect greater selection and even lower prices in the coming months!

Our most competitive market is presently Philadelphia with the most variety of dispensaries and product availability.

Even Harvest making a bold effort at fair prices at their new Harrisburg location. Herbology corporate seems equally confused with menus so varied in selection and prices from location to location that some are actually closer to fair than prior- Keep working at it Herbology and Harvest!

The best indicator of the present shortage is checking, after closing, who still has product on their menu.

With a new year (and more dispensary openings)- for the sake of brevity, it is easiest to check prices by company rather than each individual location by county (especially with so many empty counties!):

(Always call each location prior to travel to confirm selection and pricing)
Selection: πŸŒ„ -Plentiful ⏳-Hurry ❌-SOLD OUT 🌻-CBD Only

❌ Sold out
πŸ’šGreat (many 1 gram buds for under $15 and/or 3.5g flower under $45)
😐 Fair (1 gram flower between $15.01-$19.99, 3.5g container $45-50)
πŸ”΄Unfair (No 1 gram flower under $20.01+ 3.5g priced higher than $51/7g $91 above. Deceptive pricing and advertising practices.)

πŸ’š πŸŒ„ Beyond/Hello: Beyond-Hello.com  215-475-3580
Scranton/West Chester
Flower:1g=$14-20. 3.5g=$42-65. 7g=$85-90.
Concentrates: .05g=$40-55. 1.0g=$55-100

😐 πŸŒ„ Columbia Care: Col-care.com 484-838-7900
Allentown/Scranton/Wilkes Barre
1g=$16. 3.5g=$55 7g=$100
Concentrates: .05g=$40-60. 1.0g=$60-90.

😐 ⏳ Cure : Curepenn.com 717-619-2873
1g=$16.99. 3.5g=$49-74. 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$49-69 1.0g=$54-109.

❌ CY+ : Cydispensary.com 724-276-0069
Butler/New Kensington/Pittsburgh/Wintersville
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$50-60. 1.0g=$55-80

πŸ’š πŸŒ„ Ethos: Ethospa.com 267-861-7350
1g=$12-19 3.5g=$40-60 7g=$100
Concentrates: .05g=$50-55. 1.0g=$60-80

😐 ⏳ Fluent: Getfluent.com  717-401-4921
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$55 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$55. 1.0g=$❌

😐 ⏳ GreenGoods: VisitGreenGoods.com 1-800-514-8532
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$55.-65. 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$40. 1.0g=$60-80.

πŸ”΄ ⏳ Harvest: HarvestHOC.com 484-207-1717
⏳ Johnstown/ πŸŒ„ Harrisburg/ ⏳ Reading
1g=$13-15 3.5g=$44-75. 7g=$94 (Harrisburg)
1g=$21 3.5g= $63(Johnstown )
3.5g=$75 (Lancaster Ave/5th Street)
.05g=$42-73 (Harrisburg).
1.0g: $57-73 (Harrisburg) 1.0g=$57(Johnstown) $73-83 (5th Street) $84 (lancaster ave)

Largest price variation between locations, right ahead of Herbology. The newly opened Harrisburg location currently has one of the largest menu selections in the state and reasonable prices- however, ONLY that location at this time.

😐 ⏳ The Healing Center: Thehealingcenterusa.com 724-914-4944
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$42-65 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$ ❌ 1.0g=$70-80
(Washington menu has cheaper flower at this time)

πŸ”΄ ⏳ Herbology: Myherbology.com 267-350-5781
Bradford: 1g=$❌ 3.5g=$50-60. 7g=$❌
Brookville: 1g: $20 3.5g=$50-60.
Dubois 1g=$❌ 3.5g=$60-70 7g=$❌

Concentrates: .05g=$50-60 1.0g=$ 60-80.

Altoona: no flower/one concentrate for $60

Herbology, along with Harvest drastically varies their prices by location- however, only Harvest has prices as inflated. If you have another dispensary in driving distance that is not an Herbology, it may save you some money.

❌ Ilera Dispensary: Ilerahealthcare.com  484-531-4420
Plymouth Meeting
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$50 1.0g=$ 75

❌ Justice Grown: Justicegrownpa.com  570-763-7200
Edwardsville/Dickson City
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$50-58. 1.0g=$ 55-80

πŸ’š ⏳ Keystone Canna Remedies: Keystonecannaremedies.com  
Allentown/Bethlehem 484-408-6122
1g=$12-14. 3.5g=$42.-60 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$60-70. 1.0g=$55-80

❌ Keystone Center of Integrated Wellness: Keystoneciw.com
Williamsport (570) 218-4402
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$ ❌ 1.0g=$ ❌ (Syringes Only)

😐 Keystone Integrated Care:  Keystone-integratedcare.com
⏳ Greensburg/ πŸŒ„ Lawrenceville 412-439-2093
1g=$17-20 3.5g=$39-60 7g=$90
Concentrates: .05g=$45-50 1.0g=$55-75.

πŸ’š πŸŒ„ Keystone Shops: Keystoneshops.com 215-876-0420
Devon/King of Prussia/South Philadelphia
1g=$12-20 3.5g=$40-62. 7g=$85
Concentrates: .05g=$40-50 1.0g=$55-80

Keystone has amazingly consistent prices and selection across all locations, great job Keystone!

❌ Liberty: Libertydispensarypa.com 484-612-4520
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$ 1.0g=$70-80

πŸ”΄ Maitri Medicinals: maitrimeds.com 724-550-4565
⏳ Pittsburgh/ ❌ Uniontown
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$50-60. 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$50 1.0g=$55-80

Note: Advertises “Best selection in Pennsylvania”= that is far from truthful; their selection is average to slightly below average at best compared to other Dispensaries. Uniontown is out of flower entirely.

❌ Mission: Missiondispensaries.com   833-768-4357
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$ ❌ 1.0g=$ ❌

❌ Nature’s Medicines: Naturesmedicines.com  570-600-8022
Bloomsburg/Selinsgrove/State College
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$❌ 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$50-60 1.0g=$75-90

πŸ’š πŸŒ„ Organic Remedies: https://organicremediespa.com/ 717-562-7758
1g=$12-14. 3.5g=$42-63. 7g=$85-90
Concentrates: .05g=$40-48 1.0g=$55-80

😐 ⏳ Restore: Restoreiwc.com 267-621-3014
Doylestown/Elkins Park/Fishtown (Philadelphia)
1g=$❌ 3.5g=$ 50-60 7g=$90
Concentrates: .05g=$50-58 1.0g=$75-80

πŸ’š ⏳ Rise: Risecannabis.com 717-400-5610
Mechanicsburg/New Castle/Steelton/York
1g=$13-20 3.5g=$42-60 7g=$ ❌
Concentrates: .05g=$40-55 1.0g=$55-80

(Hermitage location has the best selection of all Rise locations)

πŸ’š Solevo: Solevowellness.com 412-422-0420
❌ Cranberry/ ⏳ Squirrel Hill
1g=$14. 3.5g=$45-56 7g=$❌
Concentrates: .05g=$ 1.0g=$55-75

(Cranberry location is out of flower)

πŸ’š ⏳ TerraVida: Terravidahc.com 215-836-1535
⏳ Abington/ ⏳ Malvern/ ⏳ Sellersville
1g=$12-15 3.5g=$45-60 7g=$85-90
Concentrates: .05g=$50 1.0g=$ ❌

Sellersville has no concentrates listed, Malvern has only one.
Abington only has 3.5g of flower at $50-60 (no grams)
Malvern has the best flower selection of the TerraVida locations at this pull.

😐 Verilife: Verilife.com 215-383-3201
1g=$16. 3.5g=$50-60. 7g=$90.
Concentrates: .05g=$45. 1.0g=$70-75.

And this concludes this particular pull of Pennsylvania Flower and non-syringe concentrates. The time is now 10:05pm on January 9th 2020.

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