The Name of the Strain Is Variety

When you go to your local dispensary, you will quickly notice that all the medical marijuana is called by very different names.  It’s not all just the same thing.  All the names of the varieties, or strains seem totally random and different.  Why are they?  How did people come up with these names?  Do they mean anything?  Yes and no.  Strain names can lead to more important information to know about medical marijuana, as well as what kind you’re really looking to use to improve your health.

The names of strains are given to medical marijuana tend to go back to their growers.  Much like the different varieties of vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes, lettuce, or spinach the names are random.  Maybe they describe the plant and how it looks.  Or maybe, where the plant was first grown.  Some growers name the plant after themselves or maybe someone they’re trying to impress.  Also, like the names of varieties of other plants grown to be consumed, there isn’t a rhyme or reason for the different names.  They don’t tell you about the inherent benefits of the medical marijuana, nor do they explain if they are an Indica, Sativa, or even a hybrid of the two alone, we have to trust the growers to correctly identify the genealogy of our strains- and sometimes, they are not always consistent with naming conventions.

So, what is indica and sativa medical marijuana?  These are the two main kinds of medical marijuana, and are essentially one, the other, or a little of both. Although there is some debate at present as to the validity of the differentiation between Indica and Sativa strains.  I found when I utilize flower, edibles, or liquids that comes from indica, I experience tiredness and feel very much like resting.  This is common and helpful for body pain and other issues.  I have bad feet and knees, so when I am interested in using something to help with pain, I go for indica. Truly, it is one of the best ways I have found to relieve pain.  Indica is very useful for sleep as well.  Right before bed, if I use some, I will very likely have an excellent night’s sleep.

What about Sativa?  Sativa medical marijuana tends to give people energy. It is extremely helpful with anxiety and helps with depression.  As it tends to give energy, it isn’t as helpful to rest or sleep with.  Sativa does help with pain and aches but not as effectively as a good indica for me. When I need to feel better and still be able to be productive, I tend to go for sativa.  I usually prefer it in flower or edible form.

Hybrid strains are combination of both Indica and Sativa.  In hybrid medical marijuana strains, either one or the other seems to reproduce their effects.  Using hybrid flower, I have found that I could still easily fall asleep and the pain relief that indica gives while I still gained the energy and alertness of sativa.  The best way to find what effects a hybrid strain has is to try it!  Or, ask a friendly, knowledgeable staff member at a dispensary and see what they know about their hybrids.

 In the end, the name of the medical marijuana doesn’t matter.  What does matter is finding consistently available the flower, liquid, or edible that works for you the most.  It’s important to remember what strains help you the most to make your life better and much easier.  By recording your reactions to various strains- even if a strain you favor is no longer available, you may find it is the parent strain of something new and possibly better fit to address your symptoms in the future.

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