Hunting (THCa) Diamonds in PA’s MMJ Program: What They Are And How They Can Help You.

Rx Leaf had an entire folder of Shutterstock THCa diamond images. It’s almost as if we are subtly encouraged to write on them…

This is called a THCa diamond. In real life, it is about the same size and consistency of finely ground sea salt- and they often listed in the concentrate section of the dispensary menu at a prohibitively high price point, that is, when they can be found at all.

Diamonds have experienced popularity in recreational states stating that this is the “next level” or the absolute most ascendended form of concentrate.

Hyperbole aside, Pennsylvania is a unique cannabis market filled with experienced “recreational” patients seeking new highs competing with individuals with medical conditions that only find relief through cannabinoid therapies. This creates a bizarre bind where when we receive scary looking products that look like every DARE program drug at once- medical patients are less inclined to trust it if the majority of the information found online talks more about the potential high over medicinal use. The articles written on the medical benefits are often written with complicated medical processes or descriptions of systems of extration methods which can be confusing or even off putting to wary Pennsylvanians who have only accepted Cannabis therapies after much trepidation and exhaustion of more conventional therapies for their conditions.

Further, a full gram can be purchased for slightly under eighty dollars, making it intimidating and seemingly risky to patients of limited means. Hopefully, this guide will help you determine if diamonds may be worth auditioning to add to your patient routine.

( For ease of reading and sake of brevity, If you are curious about the technical methods of manufacturing this product, click here for the informative article from WeedMaps. )

How it works:

THCa is a larger molecule than typical THC- with heat, THCa converts to typical THC which makes it smaller and able to more quickly pass the blood-brain barrier. In theory, many articles claim that this leads to an unparalleled high. In practice? I was relieved to discover they actually did not impair my cognition in the slightest. This entire article has been drafted, edited, and published while vaping Florida Black Haze #14 Diamonds manufactured by Prime Wellness, procured from Cure Dispensary, Lancaster:

Photograph by Ren Anderson, Feel free to use it freely with credit.

These tiny sea-salt sized crystals are usually around 99% THCa, and the typical dosage is either one large or two smaller grains either alone or combined with more viscous concentrates. Since the pure diamond THCa is often separated from it’s terpine-rich sauce from which it may have formed, those who require specific terps benefit from combining these ingredients manually to create the perfect medicine for their own, individual needs.

One of the greatest concerns I have heard from new medical cannabis patients has been a strong desire for greater functionality over any sort of ‘high’ or impairment.

In my personal experience- I found that vaporized diamonds produce the most clear-headed, pain free experience out of anything I have chosen from the dispensary prior with the least use of materials. When vaped by themselves, I have experienced zero sensation of feeling “high”.

I load them one or two at a time into my Yocan pen and I am set for over an hour. I taste almost nothing- perhaps a hint of citrus- I feel no discomfort in my airways, and absolutely zero coughing whatsoever. Although diamonds relieved my physical pain the most profoundly- however, for psychological symptoms such as PTSD or Anxiety, I find that it is best to mix them with Indica concentrates of far higher terpines count, such as Grape Valley Kush by Moxy or any of the Relax concentrate line by Rythm. There are very low terpines in Diamonds- you will have to add them back unless your diamonds are part of a different form of concentrate known as sauce.

Some articles direct patients to eat the diamonds directly to avoid any cerebral effects while retaining the painkilling properties of THCa. However, the effectiveness of that delivery method is very questionable.

From my experience, Ingested without prior heat- the diamond I tasted crumbled like tasteless sand on my tongue and after a few minutes the effect was similar to and as strong as a high percentage edible with a pronounced couchlock.

I am not certain if my experiences are non-typical; regardless, I feel far more comfortable vaporizing them over ingesting them as my preference of experiencing the medicine. If you decide to try them, I encourage you to try both methods to see which you prefer.

For a better estimate of tolerances, (each person is different) my tolerance is as follows: I typically go through .5 grams of concentrate plus one to two grams of flower per week.

This one container of diamonds has, so far, lasted me over two weeks and counting- however, that is with limiting my use of them on account of their painfully high price point. Nonetheless; for the painkilling properties and the ease in dosing- they are an item I will endeavour to keep on hand in my fridge as often as I can both find and afford.

Of course, the greatest benefit to Pennsylvania patients will only truly be realized when the prices come down to make them less punishing on the wallet for rightfully cautious patients who wish to spend their cannabis budget as wisely as possible to medicate the most effectively for the best price point possible.

Diamonds offer the most convenient form of loose concentrate with the greatest regulation of dosage- since the patient literally chooses individual grains to suit their level of symptoms to medicate verses struggling with sticky shatters or sugars.

For better consistency and freshness, it is wise to ensure all concentrates are properly refrigerated.

On a final note; The positive experience I have with THCa diamonds will likely be a deciding factor in my choice of which dispensary will recieve my business each month.

If you are a Pennsylvania medical cannabis patient with chronic pain looking to see if Diamonds could work for you, with online ordering the more popular dispensaries have made it easy to secure your diamonds first thing in the morning upon opening and pick it up when your schedule permits by the close of the business day. I hope this article helps you and if you would like to add your experiences or any questions, please add them below! Of course, your favorite budtender should also be a great source of information if diamonds might be the next step on your medical cannabis journey. โœจ

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