The Monthly Grind: PA MMJ February Review – 2/19/2020

Hello Pennsylvania!

This February, I have found that I have more things on my plate than I have time to realistically complete all at once. This month was compounded by a short illness, preparing to move, orchestra rehearsals, and getting rather depressed over a commission that fell through. (It smarts a bit, but we press on the best we can and ask for half of the total estimated invoice first next time: Live and learn.)

Nonetheless! There are plenty of things in various stages of completion on this laptop. Here are the current projects which change in priority day by day as which to finish first:

1. A detailed list of cannabis manufacturing license holders in Pennsylvania with their present status on if they are operational, and if not when they plan to be up and running. For operational facilities, I am researching expected volume output increases per company (within Pennsylvania) for the rest of 2020. We have a handful of facilities which have not yet brought product to medical marijuana market- I still have some phone calls to make before I can publish this one.

2. I am have several pages of notes regarding a local issue where I reside in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania. Plans to build a local dispensary have been halted by the outcry of small local group of concerned parents- Using other nearby dispensaries as a positive example of how dispensaries add value to their locations, I hope to assuage some of these fears and help where I can in restoring our local economy. I still need to call the township building and find out when the next town meeting is planned as well as see if I can call the dispensary company in question to see if they are willing to chat.

3. Also, the reports on each dispensary and dispensary company are to be expanded and have their own articles each.

4. I still need to compile several months worth of data to show the outcome of the price trends I have tracked- both in availability and selection.

5. I am working on theories as to why I react so horribly poorly to Diesel genetics, yet thrive on Hazes. This article in process is comprised at present of paragraphs of rants on reddit and random notes on my phone. This needs far more research into terpene profiles and Punnett squares than I have the mental resources to complete at the moment. (If I wait long enough, hopefully the research will become easier on this one!)

and lastly,

5. I still have other articles that were used in other publications that still need to be re-edited for Pennsylvania patients with local strains and products. (These are usually what I publish when I have migraines and feel guilty for not completing more ‘important’ articles more quickly!)

This list is written here as much to help me as it is to reassure you. It is far easier to press ahead with encouragement and a basic plan then to run myself dry on no emotional energy at all.

If you feel like sending monetary encouragement (as I do not get paid for the articles I write here- as well as cover the cost of this domain), my paypal email address is
-Even a small amount of financial encouragement goes a long way towards my mental ability to complete this ever-growing to-do list of covering the Pennsylvania Cannabis industry as helpfully and thoroughly as possible.

Don’t feel pressured, though.

In the meantime, enjoy the increasingly Spring Like weather!

Stay Lifted,
-Ren Anderson

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