DISPENSARY PROFILE: Beyond/Hello, Ardmore

This is first of a new series of articles that will detail what to expect from every dispensary company operating a location in Pennsylvania based on personal visits. Considering the current climate of pandemics and civil unrest, this is will be slower in development than anyone would like- however, luckily I have plenty of notes to draw from from this point forward to cover Apothecarium, Cure, Harvest, Keystone Shops, TerraVida, and Rise in the meantime. As always- please understand that I am a patient as well and my writing time is severely curtailed by my migraines and other maladies. Like the rest of the work on this site, this is not a paid advertisement but a patient resource written by patients for patients on the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis industry.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Beyond/Hello Ardmore Photo from the same.

Location Visited:

Beyond/Hello, Ardmore
35 Cricket Ave.
Ardmore, PA
(610) 471-1099

Beyond/Hello has remained a fascinating dispensary to watch over the past several months of tracking prices. Their inventory was always larger than average and their menu usually featured several more affordable options than their local competition between all their locations. It is interesting watching how quickly they respond to consumer feedback compared to their peers in the industry; as well as receiving reviews so glowing by their patients that their positive reputation equals Cure and Mission. However, until recently- there was no location within any reasonable distance of my paths of travel through the state.

My grandma lives the next town over in Havertown- so despite living just shy over an hour away from my perch in Reading, Beyond/Hello was finally in my flightpath as of the opening of their new Ardmore location.

They are owned by parent company Jushi, which also owns Nira CBD, as well as The Lab and The Bank . Beyond/Hello is their only arm presently found in Pennsylvania.

Here is a summary of what to expect when you visit Beyond/Hello, Ardmore.

Initial Phone Call

I call prior to any potential visit to a dispensary, I prefer not give my business to any company that is either unfriendly or unhelpful; I prefer not to set myself up for a negative experience nor would I set myself up to purchase medicine from any company I cannot support. I strongly believe in voting with your money to support dispensaries with excellent patient care.

My basic questions were as follows:

Can I reserve my order online if it is my first visit? (Yes)
When can I place my order/How long is it held? (Same day, after open, and until close)
How long are the average waits? (Under 15 minutes)
Where do I park? (Right now, you can park in front in the No parking zone in front of the store- but that changes early July.)

Both times I called, the staff was friendly, informative, and very helpful.

Online Menu/Pricing

Since I began tracking prices on this site, Beyond/Hello has been a consistent contender against TerraVida for the lowest prices and highest amount of selection in the Philadelphia region and that still remains true. Although the Ardmore location is new and thus will have a larger or more varied selection than usual- I have found when tracking Beyond/Hello inventory in general that it tended to be equal to Keystone Shops in breadth and variety.

Flower: When the menu is sorted from low to high, there is a larger than average selection of flower under $50, with one offering of Pineapple Skunk as low as $40.50.

For Vapes/Cartridges we are looking at the average price point of $30-40 for Disposables, and $40-60 for .5 gram carts which is also on par with the state average: Also an excellent selection at over fifty items.

Extracts and Concentrates have high variety and a great deal of selection, especially at the lower price points: I travelled specifically for 1g of Cresco Blueberry Spacecase x Sojay Haze for $65 and .5g of Agri Kind Strawberry Kush concentrate ($45) which I have not seen available yet in Lancaster/Berks counties.

The rarely sighted Moxie Viper Cookies sand is also available here- which I desperately wish I noticed yesterday. Sand and Diamonds are likely the rarest found Pennsylvania extracts.

Tinctures, Topicals, and Gear are some of the better prices in the state overall with most items coming in at either exactly average or slightly lower than local competition.

Discounts are available for Veterans, Seniors, and by filling out their social media card given at the time of your first purchase– by giving discounts based on social media engagement- this explains why Beyond/Hello has such a rapid response time as a company to patient concerns.

How To Get There

Via Public Transportation: The ideal way to reach Beyond/Hello is to reach Ardmore is via SEPTA public transportation. The location is easy walking distance to the Ardmore train station which connects the R5 Regional Rail Line, Amtrak as well as Bus Route 44, 103, 105, 106, making it the most well-connected location I have visited yet, even if not the friendliest to access by car. Just walk from Ardmore Station up Station Road and cross Rt 30/Lancaster Avenue to the diagonal street with the neat diversity mural: That is Cricket Ave- Beyond/Hello is on your Left. (NOTE: The Center City and Northern Liberties locations remain closed for renovations at this time- Ardmore is a convenient alternative via regional rail.)

By Car: If you are native to the Main Line, Beyond/Hello, Ardmore is located conveniently off Lancaster Ave/Rt. 30/Lincoln Highway between Bryn Mawr and Wynwood. Take your favorite route to Lancaster Avenue and you will find Cricket across from Station Road.

If you are travelling from literally any other direction, you would likely be happiest taking 476 to the Villanova exit, Cricket Avenue is on your left hand side directly after Anderson Ave.

If you travel from the West or North, I do not suggest following route 320 as per google maps. 320 makes the end of the trip unnecessarily complicated. King of Prussia is a mess to navigate and should be avoided, and route 320 itself is a mess of potholes and abused, unkempt roads just begging to chew up your tires. Unless there is an accident on 476- you will be much happier avoiding this option entirely.

Where to Park: Ideally? At home. There is no parking lot.

All kidding aside, there is parking in Ardmore, just be sure to bring a few dollars. Although you can presently park in front of the store right in front of the No Parking signs, while the rest of Cricket Ave remains under construction, this is a temporary convenience. Instead, make sure to call the dispensary prior to your visit to ask where it is best to park the day of your visit. Otherwise, I believe there may be an affordable lot or garage on Cricket Terrace.

Okay. Now either you had a delightfully relaxing ride on public transportation or an incredibly frustrating time parking, what next?

What to Expect Your First Visit:

At the time of this writing we are still observing COVID-19 social distancing meaning. Beyond/Hello has a policy of no more than three customers per any one room of the facility. Masks are currently required. Thankfully, this is one of the more straightforward floorplans comprised of a lobby and a main sales floor meaning they allow a total of six patients within the dispensary at this time.

When I arrived there was a very short line outside. I was greeted by a friendly, yet formidable pair of armed security guards who asked if it was my first time and took my MMJ Patient Card and Driver’s License to be processed by the front desk. I was also considerately given my registration form to fill out as I waited. It was only a single side which consisted of asking the typical name/address/phone number types of questions.

After entrance, I approached the front counter where I was waived to a seat in the lobby where patients and security guards chatted amiably. The pharmacist was sitting in the reception booth with the intake staff and walked out to the lobby to call each customer in one by one and escort them to the sales floor.

For First Time Patients:

I asked to meet with the pharmacist to ask their recommendations for several different health conditions- and found him to be extraordinarily knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic about what strains and products work best for each condition. The location is not particularly busy and walk-in appointments are accepted easily. If you wish to speak to the pharmacist, you will be lead to a small room off to the side of the sales floor for your privacy. (Ask to see the Cresco guide when you are in there, it’s neat.)

His recommendations for my medical conditions were the absolute gold standard per my own research and by what I have learned from the best dispensary pharmacists across Pennsylvania. I would absolutely recommend Beyond/Hello Ardmore for first time medical cannabis patients I particularly liked how the pharmacist was particularly involved with every aspect of patient experience verses squirreled away and ‘hunted down’ for questioning. The rest of the staff shared that enthusiasm and knowledge making it a patient experience on par with Cure, Lancaster.

Hopefully the coming end of COVID-19 restrictions will lead to more informative printed materials being made available on-site for patient information. With my purchase, a sheet of basic information was included in my bag.

The staff were equally well informed, friendly, and helpful- and excited to share their knowledge with customers. The transactions went fast and smoothly: the average customer was indeed able to complete their purchases in under 15 minutes from entrance to exit, even on a Friday night with several other dispensaries currently out of commission in the region.


Each dispensary company has their own ideas of how customers would like to best carry their purchases: Beyond:Hello has put a great deal of thought and consideration for their patient base with their discrete drawstring. Behold!

The Ilera disposable is for scale- the bag is blank on the back for further discretion. Since it’s from Ardmore, ‘Jushi Couture’…if you will.

This is a large, flexible, possibly water-resistant drawstring bag of some size that can easily be worn over the shoulder hands free, can be hidden under your arm or under a loose shirt; blessedly unadorned with cannabis culture dog whistles of visible pot leaf symbolism guard against unwanted attention once outside their walls. Patients also receive a dollar off each time they return with their bag.


If there is a keyword I can associate with this Dispensary, it would be Safety. From the friendly and formidable armed security guards to the discrete and practical drawstring bags to carry your purchases. Beyond/Hello shows incredible thought towards their patients safety both during your visit as well as afterwards.

Considering the most recent article I wrote prior to this one covered the closures of our other Pennsylvania dispensaries due to looting in Philly earlier this month, I felt incredibly safe my entire visit and I was impressed by the friendliness and competence of all Beyond/Hello staff I encountered.

The location also has a secret easter-egg entrance available for guests under six inches tall in the main sales floor. Amuse yourself by looking for it if you find yourself in line. โœจ

(P.S. I do promise to follow the recommendation of the entire staff to try Chem de la Chem the next time I need a refill- it is a strain so widely available I chose the far rarer Strawberry Kush instead this visit.)

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