COVID-19 Policies at PA MMJ Dispensaries (Updated + Revised) – 3/30/2020

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Note: Mission, Nature’s Remedies, Rise, and Restore are now included. Thank you for your patience. If there are any other locations that were missed, please message below and I will add them as soon as I am able.

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This article lists, as of 3/30/2020, each Pennsylvania dispensary company and the actions taken to safeguard patients and staff from COVID-19 as listed on their websites (or sent to me directly via Email). If there are COVID-19 measures that are not listed on their websites that are taken, they should be updated on the website in an easy to find location. Although every dispensary in Pennsylvania is doing their absolute best to protect their staff and patients from this virus, many policies are changing rapidly as emergency legislation is passed to meet this unique situation.

Please treat your dispensary employees and fellow patients with much kindness at this time- everyone is confused and stressed out, and we all want to make certain we have enough medicine to get us through this long quarantine. I strongly recommend not straying from your typical pathways of travel.

Please refrain from trying a new dispensary at this time unless it is absolutely necessary (or unless phone appointments are specifically encouraged). For example- I live between Reading and Lancaster- my next prescription refill will be refilled in Reading or Lancaster- and chances are, I will choose the location which offers the least human contact on Friday- I want everyone to feel as safe as possible as we get through these quickly changing circumstances together.

Phone lines may be especially busy at this time. For dispensaries that offer online ordering and CannPay, please take advantage of this new convenience- basically, it is safest to assume that if a new policy has been recently implemented, it is hoped that as many patients as possible will utilize each new safety measure and convenience in place
. -R

Dispensaries are counted as essential businesses in Pennsylvania and thus, still remain open at this time. In the light of recent events, restrictions have been lifted on several fronts, including curbside pickup. Here is a list of each Dispensary and their COVID-19 precautions to best protect yourself as well as the dispensary personnel who bravely serve us at this time. You can find the details on Pennsylvania’s Department of Health website.

In this list of dispensaries, I am not comparing prices as I usually do; this is to encourage everyone to stay to their typical areas of travel for the safety of all. Many of us are immunocompromised and this list is to show which dispensaries are doing the most (and least) for the safety of their patients and staff. With new permissions in place allowing for curbside pickup as well as allowing for a 90 day supply of medicine, this list serves as a brief reference to any significant changes each company has put into place as well as providing quick links to the sections of each website on their COVID-19 preparedness.

As always, excellent job to those who have adapted to the new regulations the fastest allowing for fast, safe, and convenient prescription refills. If you desire to visit a dispensary outside of your home region, please do not choose this time to visit someplace new, if you can help it. Many dispensaries have halted face to face consultations and it would just be best for all involved to limit our contact to as few people as possible. However, as many of us must travel for treatment for our disabling conditions, this list is meant to help choose the safest options.

For the immunocompromised, visiting the dispensary near the specialist’ office that has curbside pickup may be a better option than a local dispensary not yet offering the same service.

For this reason, the dispensaries that are presently offering both online ordering and curbside pickup are far preferable to companies that are slower to acclimate to our new state regulations.

The best prepared dispensaries as of the writing of this list are any that provide curbside, drive through or delivery options. As time passes, I believe all dispensaries should offer equal services for the safety of their employees and patients. No-contact ordering and obtaining meds without entering the building is safest for us all and should be standard across Pennsylvania. The sooner this can be implemented at all locations, the better for us all.

Great job for inspiring confidence through via your websites and new policies!

Dispensaries that inspire the least confidence for COVID-19 preparedness by their websites:

I hope for your improvement in your COVID practices.

Here is the dispensary list, this time with included the phone numbers for each location for your convenience.

Bristol: (267) 580-5801
Johnstown:  (814) 357-9930
Philadelphia: (267) 804-7168
Northern Liberties: (215) 475-3580
Scranton: (570) 618-8771
West Chester: (610) 471-1059

Online Ordering: No
Curbside Pickup: Yes: Bristol, Scranton, and West Chester Locations
Senior Hours: First hour after opening

I have just been notified via Reddit that Beyond/Hello offers curbside at the locations listed above. Please inform me if the rest follow suit.

Click Here for their very brief page on the COVID-19 crisis:

COVID-19 Update


Spending some time on this website, I noticed no method of online ordering nor curbside pickup for any location.

Columbia Care:
Allentown(484) 838-7900
Scranton: (570) 309-6098
Wilkes Barre: (570) 362-7020
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: Yes

From their website: Columbia Care is now offering curbside pick-up at all of their dispensaries. Please email or text with the following information:

  1. Location for pick-up (Scranton, Allentown, or Wilkes Barre)
  2. Your first and last name
  3. Products to pick-up

When you arrive at the dispensary, please email or text with your first and last name and make/color of your vehicle, and a member of our staff will come out to take medical card and payment. They’ll then return with the products you ordered and any change.

Note: Several patients have messaged me with absolutely glowing reviews of this dispensary. Great job Columbia Care, you are beloved by your local community!

Cure :
Lancaster: (717) 619-2873
Philadelphia: (215) 876-2873
Phoenixville: (610) 546-2873
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

According to their COVID-19 page, they are limiting the amount of customers in the store, reducing their hours, as well as keeping social distance and physical contact to a minimum. Make certain to place your order online prior to your visit.

Ren’s Note I sincerely hope they are able to offer curbside pickup in the near future- you are one of my local dispensaries!

Here is a free idea for my friends at Cure Lancaster: YOUR PARKING LOT IS HUGE! YOU EVEN HAVE TWO PARKING LOTS! SOMEONE BRING IN A REMOTE CONTROL CAR AND A SHOPPING BASKET- PUT THE WEED IN THE BASKET- VROOM VROOM TO OUR CARS. SPRAY WITH LYSOL UPON RETURN. SAFE FUN FOR EVERYONE! Every Employee should get their own remote control car (or drone if you are fancy). Rope off a section that is remote control car crossing only, or have a remote control car mindful crossing guard. Ask for the make and model of the car for each order- send the RC car back and forth like a bank vacuum tube. You will be the fastest service in Pennsylvania. You will get a hundred thousand karma on Reddit: I believe in you, Cure. You can do this. Together, we are unstoppable. Harvest may have more bullet proof glass, but you got the double parking lot and online ordering! BRING ON THE CURE ROBOT CAR REVOLUTION!

I’ll be your Nikola Tesla and you can be my Thomas Edison.

Steal this idea, please. I’m local. All kidding aside- Curbside/Parking lot pick up would help everyone feel better.

CY+ :
Butler: (724) 276-0069
New Kensington: (724) 276-0069
Pittsburgh: (724) 276-0069
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website: We can no longer accept walk-ins or perform in-store consultations. All orders must be placed online or by calling us. Wait times for fulfillment may be longer than usual due to high demand.

3/29: I do not have insight into the other practices of this dispensary outside of their website. Unfortunately, their nearest location is on the opposite side of the state and I do not have any reports, positive or negative, from my readers.

Delta9 PA (Formerly Keystone Integrated Care)
Greensburg: (724) 600-4438
Lawrenceville: (412) 439-2093
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: Yes

New Hours: In order for us to best serve our patients and accommodate our smaller staff, we will be closing our Greensburg and Pittsburgh dispensaries at 4pm instead of 6pm.

Their new online reservation system and curbside pickup may be found HERE.

At the top of the newly revamped website, Delta9 indicated both online ordering as well as curbside pickup are available. Now they have three separate pages of COVID-19 updates located HERE.

Great job, Delta9! You are also on the absolute opposite side of the state from my location. However, if you opened a location in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania (or anywhere within a two hour drive), I would trust you completely with my health, safety, and entirely hypothetical first born.

Philadelphia: 267-861-7350
Online Ordering: Yes

Ethos COVID-19 Message:

Temporary Caregiver Program

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on us all. We are offering some relief. We are announcing our Temporary Caregiver Program to provide assistance for those who cannot physically make it to our dispensary. We currently plan to begin this service Friday, March 27th.

Current Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Patients can enroll in five easy steps:

1.) Make sure you are in the service area of 3 miles from the dispensary, which covers the area approximately north of Pattison Ave, south of Dauphin St, east of 42nd St, and west of Front St.

2.) Contact Ethos by phone at 267.861.7350, or email us at Subject: Caregiver, and include your name, address, and phone number, or simply fill out the form below.

3.) We will help you link your PA DoH Patient Account to one of our caregivers.

4.) Once approved, order online and select “Delivery”.

5.) A caregiver will transport your medication to you. Orders placed before 9pm should be transported the following business day. Our transport windows are: 11am-8pm Monday-Friday and 11am-6pm on Saturday.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Ethos Dispensary.

We have been overwhelmed with gratitude for our community. We will continue to be here to support our neighborhood and community and look forward to serving you.

The Ethos Team

WOW! ETHOS! That is absolutely incredible! FANTASTIC JOB! Philadelphia is lucky to have you right now.

Also: Ethos will only be performing patient consultations by phone and not in person. In support of limiting contact between employees and patients, we encourage you to reserve your products online or by phone at 267-861-7350 for pickup and payment in the dispensary. This will allow patients to get in and out quickly and limit social interactions.

Hanover: 717-401-4921
Online Ordering: YES
Curbside Pickup: YES

Curbside Pick-Up now available

Simplify your life by making your cannabis shopping even faster and safer with Curbside Pick-Up. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way:

Place your Express Pick-Up order online as you normally would (click or call). At checkout, check the box marked “I want to use Curbside Pick-Up”. You’ll be asked to enter your vehicle’s make, model, and color.
Please note payments are only accepted through CanPay or debit card (where available.) Cash payments are not accepted at Curbside Pick-Up. See below for more information.

We’ll send you a text message when your order is ready with the phone number to your local Fluent dispensary.

Once you arrive at the dispensary, park your car in the selected Curbside Pick-up area or in one of the open parking spaces. Call the phone number provided via text message. A curator will then verify your information and bring the order to your car window.




Don’t have a CanPay account yet?  Click here to enroll. Click here to learn how to use CanPay.

Bethlehem: (800) 514-8532
Scranton: (800) 514-8532
Stroudsburg: Coming soon
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

Greengoods appears to be very cognizant of measures to lower risk to their and patients- although they do not yet offer curbside, their new procedures of ordering online and picking up in the vestibule is an excellent idea. The following is copied from their COVID-19 statement page. (Greengoods is a Vireo company)

  1. All consultations will be held via virtual consultation online or by phone and can be booked in advance for Bethlehem and Scranton. Unfortunately, only very few walk-in appointments will be available, so please plan ahead whenever possible.
  2. All orders should be made in advance for pick-up using our eCommerce store for Bethlehem and Scranton. Unfortunately we will not be able accept walk-ins. 
  3. Upon arrival to the dispensary, patients will pick up their order in the dispensary vestibule rather than fully entering the facility. 
  4. We highly recommend paying via CanPay to avoid the exchange of cash and cards.
  5. We suggest getting a full 1-month supply of medication to reduce unnecessary travel and decrease exposure risk. Under current state regulations, we are not permitted to dispense more than a 30-day supply. 
  6. If you have a fever or are experiencing other symptoms, please send a caregiver to pick up your order.

Johnstown: (814) 258-8190
Harrisburg: (717) 356-0800
Reading (5th Street): (484) 513-3732
Reading (Lancaster Ave):(484) 207-1717
Scranton: (570) 217-8885
Online Ordering: No
Curbside Pickup: No

Harvest requests that all their patients check this page prior to ordering. Although Harvest still struggles to get their online ordering operational they have adapted by indicating all orders must be made by phone at this time. Two Harvest locations are closest to me geographically- 5th Street and Lancaster Avenue. At this time, I highly recommend Lancaster Avenue- the staff is entirely behind glass at that particular location and there is near-zero interpersonal contact. Please remember to check their website and call in your order in advance prior to your visit.

Suggestion for Harvest, both Reading locations . Although Lancaster Ave is entirely behind glass, you guys must feel like you are in a fishbowl. Both locations have tiny, cramped parking lots with occasionally aggressive drivers on incredibly busy areas of our city. Lancaster Avenue seems more protected on the interior of the building with all those glass dividers: where 5th Street has a more open floorplan, however, 5th Street has the entire Wendy’s parking lot in addition to their own to catch patient overflow during high volume periods which would make curbside actually more feasible at 5th Street, perhaps.

Would it be possible for you to consider making your business open-air drive through with prepay with CanPay like other dispensaries in the state? Another option could be delivery- Between both 5th Street and Lancaster Avenue, you cover most of the Reading metropolitan area- which could be ideal for future delivery service. Then again, I’m biased- (Exeter township is a 100% safe area to deliver to, by the way.)

Then again, your Arizona corporate would have an easier time justifying why your prices are higher than the rest of the state to Pennsylvania patients as well if you offer no-contact delivery plus Canpay. Everyone (sort of) wins! But seriously- to the people at Harvest: You are doing great.

The Healing Center:
Cranberry: 855-443-HEAL
Monroeville: 412-256-7045
Washington: 724-914-4944
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

In addition to our facilities all being newly built from the ground up, all include building wide HEPA air filtration which includes UV air purification maintaining the highest air quality.  We disinfect our facilities daily and give them a deep clean weekly as part of our normal operating procedures.  As part of our IPCP, a number of additional cleaning steps, including counter cleaning between patients, almost constant door handle and public access surface cleaning, and gloved Patient Care Representatives, have been added to our daily cleaning regimen. The Healing Center invites you to use our online ordering feature which will allow you to make your selections at home and minimize your in-store time when you come to pick up.  Online Ordering will soon receive a whole new face as we roll out our next patient service upgrade. Our new system will feature real-time inventory integration allowing all products on the live menu to be available for online reservation. 

From their Website: (Former update from 3/25) All locations remain open at this time. We encourage patients to use The Online Order Lounge to place orders. For your safety, The Healing Center limits access to a small number of patients to enter and use the facilities at one time. Patients may experience a wait outside before being permitted to enter The Healing Center one at a time. Individuals are thought to be at less risk when waiting outside than in a large group waiting indoors together. We thank you for your understanding as the Patient Care Team works to serve all patients. 

Altoona: (814) 626-9520
Bradford: (814) 250-0630
Brookville: (814) 310-9997
DuBois: (814) 619-4516
Gettysburg: (717) 484-9042
King of Prussia: (484) 272-4229
Lebanon: (717) 769-5564
Morton: (484) 452-4386
Philadelphia: (267) 341-9455
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: DuBois and Lebanon so far confirmed by our Readers. (Please update your website, Herbology!)

New Hours:Sunday: 11:00 am -5:00 pm Monday-Friday: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Their COVID-19 page is underwhelming. Although they do have online ordering. If you are in King of Prussia, I advocate doing likewise until they implement curbside pickup or delivery. Another note: I don’t believe handing out paper literature during a pandemic is a sound idea- unless you found a way to print it on a Lysol wipe.

Ilera Dispensary:  
Plymouth Meeting: 484-531-4420
Online Ordering: Yes
Drive Through: YES!

From their Website:

Starting Friday, March 27,  Ilera Dispensary will be opening a drive-thru service in an effort to cut back on interactions. This service will only be available to patients who order online through Blackbird. We also recommend that our patients take advantage of CanPay debit to help streamline the process. Patients will receive 10% off their first CanPay purchase at Ilera Dispensary.


Blackbird makes it easy to shop all your favorite products from the comfort of your home.Visit to sign up.


CanPay is a convenient debit payment app that makes purchasing medical marijuana simple.

Visit to sign up.

Ilera is mostly sending their COVID-19 updates via email. Since Ilera is one of my favorite dispensaries in happier times I am on their patient email list:

Our team is pro-actively taking additional steps beyond our normal cleaning and sanitation procedures to ensure a clean and safe environment for our patients, caregivers and employees:
Our staff completely sanitizes the Ilera Dispensary daily from top-to-bottom and has implemented a comprehensive and rigorous wipe down protocol for all surfaces and door handles during open hours, with staff designated to ensure sanitization throughout the day.
Hand-sanitizer stations have been placed liberally around our dispensary, for patients, caregivers and staff.
We encourage patients and caregivers to pre-order online using our established Blackbird ordering system to reduce the time patients and caregivers are required to be in the dispensary. It is important to note that our health practitioners are available to talk with patients at the dispensary over the telephone and via email, as preferred by our customers.
Our employees’ medical leave policy encourages employees to stay at home if they, or someone they’ve been in contact with, feels unwell.
We will continue to monitor the circumstances, follow public health officials, and provide you with the highest quality patient experience. With our preparedness and current state of operations, we are confident our stores will continue to remain safe and remain open for business.
Please feel free to reach out to our team or myself at any time with questions, comments or suggestions at Please remain safe!
I sincerely hope Ilera places this information on their website eventually.

Justice Grown: 
Edwardsville:  (570) 763-7200
Dickson City: (570) 291-4747
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website: Our two dispensary locations in Northeastern Pennsylvania have implemented an “online orders only” policy, where customers will place orders in advance via, with no more than 3 patients allowed on the dispensary floor at a time. Our dispensary team members have been instructed to frequently wash hands and to utilize hand sanitizers which are placed at every register, desk, and office. Regular sanitation of the site is scheduled to happen on an hourly basis. The dispensary staff is also practicing social distancing, remaining 3-to-6 feet apart from one another and customers. With a “no mingling” policy temporarily in place, transaction time has been severely reduced, with patients in-and-out of the store within minutes. Employees that are exhibiting symptoms will be asked to stay home from work. Customers that are exhibiting symptoms will unfortunately not be allowed entry into the dispensary. We are discussing other possible options with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to serve our patient base.

Keystone Canna Remedies:
Allentown: (484) 408-6122
Bethlehem: (484) 408-6122
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website: To maintain healthy and safety standards for both our staff and patients, KCR is initiating a change in operating hours for this temporary time period.
New hours for Allentown and Bethlehem effective 3/22/2020:
Sunday- CLOSED
Monday- CLOSED
Tuesday- 10am-5pm
Wednesday- 10am-5pm
Thursday- 10am-5pm
Friday- 10am-6pm
Saturday- 11am-3pm
**Online orders placed Saturday, March 21st will be held until Tuesday, March 24th**
Consultations are by appointment only on select days. If you would like a follow up consultation or this is your first time visiting a Pennsylvania dispensary, please call us at 484-408-6122 to schedule an appointment.
We highly encourage all patients to utilize our online ordering system. If you do not have access to the internet, we have re-instituted phone orders to expedite the process. In an effort to encourage social distancing, we are continuing to limit the number of patients allowed in our dispensing area and our waiting rooms. Patients may be asked at the check-in counter to wait outdoors (weather permitting) or in their vehicles. The check-in associate will take your cell phone number and call when ready.
Your health and well-being are important to us. We will continue to send updates via email and social media throughout this time.

Keystone Center of Integrated Wellness:
Williamsport (570) 218-4402 (Phone Orders Accepted)
Online Ordering: Yes-Via Facebook Messenger
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions we will be Closed on Sundays starting this week in order to minimize exposure hours for our patients and our employees. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and as always we appreciate each and everyone of you as well as your cooperation during this time. As your trusted dispensary, we will remain diligent and will do everything in our power to assure your health and safety and to provide you with the medicines you require. Please stay safe and healthy!

  1. Check our inventory prior to arriving and know what you’d like order (our online ordering is finally due to be back in place later this week).
  2. Pre-order your medicine through FaceBook Messenger or by calling our helpful Patient Care Coordinators at (570) 218-4402. Pre-orders will be bagged and ready to pick up upon your arrival.
  3. We are adopting a Skype consultation option with our pharmacists rather than a live consultation to expedite your time in the dispensary. Email if this is something you may want to do. You can also call our main number (570) 218-4402 to be put in contact with a pharmacist.

Keystone Shops:
Devon: (215) 876-0420
King of Prussia: (215) 876-0420
South Philadelphia: (215) 876-0420
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: Yes

Keystone Shops is at the top of their game with the following message from their website:

Keystone Shops Implements Parking-Lot Delivery

March 23, 2020 (CONSHOHOCKEN, PA) – Keystone Shops is excited to announce that parking lot delivery of medical marijuana is now temporarily approved. Keystone successfully submitted for emergency approval of Parking Lot Delivery to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) temporarily approved the measure for all dispensaries across the Commonwealth. 

After successfully testing and refining processes since 4 PM Friday, March 20, Keystone Shops will implement parking lot only delivery starting Tuesday, March 24, at all Keystone locations. To utilize parking lot delivery, patients should: 

  1. Park their vehicle on-site
  2. Approach the entrance to check-in and receive instructions 
  3. Be ready to answer their phone while in their vehicle 
  4. View Keystone’s mobile-friendly live menu at
  5. Bring cash (other payment methods coming soon)
  6. Online orders are strongly encouraged, but not required 

Note: Some products that are on the list menu may not appear on the online ordering menu. This is to prevent products from being oversold. These products may still be available to purchase once you arrive at the dispensary.

I trust Keystone and Ilera fully in their competence to serve Montgomery county. I feel confident that their patients and staff are fully protected better than most.

Bensalem: (267) 778-9222
Norristown: (484) 612-4520
Philadelphia: (267) 686-2824
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: YES
Great Job Liberty!!!

Dear Patients,

We remain committed to safely serving patients during this challenging time, and are pleased to announce CURBSIDE PICKUP at Liberty Bensalem. Please take the following steps before and after your dispensary visit:

  1. When placing your order please select curbside pick-up. You will receive a text message confirming receipt of your order;
  2. Wait for a text message telling you that the order is ready. Please note, wait times are longer than usual;
  3. Make your way to your Liberty dispensary;
  4. Remain in the comfort of your vehicle and a member of our staff will come to your vehicle to check you in;
  5. Wait for another text message telling you that your order is on its way;
  6. Complete your order with a Liberty Wellness Guide.

NOTE: Please remember to bring cash and try to have exact change, if possible.

Another fast implementation in Montgomery County. When this crisis is over, I am definitely happy to visit you in the future seeing how quickly and thoroughly you adapted to the new measures. I have not yet visited this dispensary, but if this were my local option I would feel relieved.

Maitri Medicinals:
Pittsburgh: (412) 404-7464
Uniontown: (724) 550-4565
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website: Before your next Maitri visit, please be aware of the following:

    All orders must be reserved in advance. To reserve your product, please use our online Fast Track reservation system or place an order by phone. To place a phone reservation in Pittsburgh, dial 412.404.7464 option 3; in Uniontown 724.550.4565 option 3.
    NEW PATIENTS PLEASE NOTE: New patients are welcome to sign up for Fast Track accounts. It could take up to 24 hours to process new Fast Track account requests as we are dealing with a high volume of phone calls and online orders. All new patients must complete our Intake and Consent forms prior to picking up your first order. To expedite service when you arrive, we recommend emailing the forms to us in advance at and calling before you come in to let us know you’re on your way.
    We are limiting the number of patients allowed inside at one time. This may mean having to wait a few minutes before we can let you in. We will do our best to ensure your comfort while waiting.
    Please help us enforce social distancing by waiting in the clearly defined areas we have marked that are a minimum of six feet apart. Please avoid touching the front desk when checking in or the point of sale station when paying.
    We are prioritizing elderly and immunocompromised patients by having them skip the line whenever possible. We appreciate all our patients’ cooperation and flexibility to help us give extra support to this most at-risk group.
    Now more than ever, we encourage patients to download the CanPay app. CanPay connects to your debit card, allowing you to safely and securely pay for your product with no cash exchange required.
    We have implemented increased sanitation and hygiene practices in front and back of house operations, including hourly disinfecting of all surfaces and doorknobs, increased hand washing, and use of latex gloves.
    We have encouraged all our staff to stay home if they are sick. Maitri offers health insurance benefits and paid time off for all employees across all functions of the company.

We are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the PA Dept. of Health and the CDC regarding COVID-19, and we are prepared to take all appropriate actions. We will continue to use our email list, social media, and blog to communicate updates. 

Allentown: 833-768-4357
Online Ordering: YES-REQUIRED
Curbside Pickup:

In order to continue to provide for the safety of our community we have enacted the following:

ONLINE ORDERS ONLY!  To place an order over the phone please call our Support Center at (833) 768-4357

CLICK HERE for an updated step by step instructions on how to order online

Please CLICK HERE UPON ARRIVAL for Patient Check-in to let us know you are here!  Wave  👋 to our Security Team as they approach your vehicle!

PLEASE CONSIDER USING CANPAY – Easy sign up, secure payments, free to use.
CLICK HERE to learn how to sign up!

No order changes will be permitted in-person – any order changes must be called-in to our support center, or additional items must be ordered prior to your arrival. Proof that your order is ready for pick-up must be provided upon entry to the dispensary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and best wishes to you all! 
Allentown’s favorite dispensary does not disappoint in their COVID-19 precautions. You are a great company and your patients speak very highly of you all.

 Nature’s Medicines: 
Bloomsburg: (570) 490-2346
Selinsgrove: (570) 600-8022
State College: (814) 483-3221
Online Ordering:YES
Curbside Pickup:


Nature’s Medicines has one of the shortest COVID-19 messages on this list. I hope they update their website with a more detailed plan to protect their employees and patients in the coming days.

Organic Remedies 717-562-7758
Chambersburg: 717.251.2321
Enola: 717.562.7758
York: 717.699.7083
Online Ordering:YES
Curbside Pickup:

From their Website:

patients or caregivers should reserve products on the company’s website in advance of visiting the store. Reservations are now permitted for all categories of products, including dry leaf. Patients and caregivers can reserve a maximum of three items per product. Dry leaf orders are limited to a maximum of 30 grams, which includes a maximum of 14 grams per strain. For patients or caregivers who have no internet access, Organic Remedies will accept orders by phone.

Patient care consultants will meet patients and caregivers curbside to gather the required items, including the patient’s state-approved medical marijuana card, a government-issued photo ID and the cash payment. After the patient or caregivers’ credentials are validated, the patient care consultants will process the transaction and return with the product to the patient or caregivers’ vehicle. Security at the dispensaries has been increased to maintain traffic control in the parking lots.

Organic Remedies continues to diligently clean and sanitize its facilities according to CDC guidelines. The list of increased measures to sanitize and protect patients, caregivers and employees is posted on the company’s website and includes:

  1. Thoroughly disinfecting all areas of the dispensaries, utilizing a natural, non-toxic formula shown to be 99% effective in virus eradication, through a fogging procedure.
  2. Maintaining a sanitary environment, wiping counters, doors and surfaces in direct contact with individuals every hour during business hours with disinfectant spray.
  3. Continuing to provide hand sanitizer gel for both employees and patients and requiring employees to use the hand sanitizer gel frequently while working.
  4. Asking that employees, patients and caregivers forego the usual and customary handshake as a greeting to prevent the spread of germs.
  5. Requiring employees to frequently wash hands for a period of more than 20 seconds with soap and water.
  6. Requiring an employee who may be ill to remain at home and not report for work in the dispensary until a reasonable time period after the illness as defined by the CDC.
  7. Asking that patients and caregivers who may be ill to remain at home until a reasonable time period after the illness and assign a caregiver if they require medication during that time.

    South Central Pennsylvania is fortunate to have Organic Remedies caring for their needs- their patient base is both incredibly loyal as well as vocal in their support of this company and their employees. Fantastic job!

Restore: 267-621-3014
Doylestown: 267-621-3014
Elkins Park: 215-709-2360
Fishtown (Philadelphia): 215-999-2980
Online Ordering:YES
Curbside Pickup:

Restore has the most effective, easy to understand message- and it is absolutely impossible to miss on their website. Excellently done!
Rise: 717-400-5610
Carlisle: (717) 279-5820
Erie: (814) 277-2835
Hermitage: (724) 500-5508
King of Prussia: (610) 596-9266
Latrobe: (724) 220-4106
Mechanicsburg: (717) 400-5610
New Castle: (724) 250-8081
Steelton: (717) 279-5818
York(717) 800-1729
Online Ordering:YES
Curbside Pickup:

Cranberry location will open Tuesday, March 31st.

 Unfortunately we are not able to provide walk-in service at this time. Please use the link below for our menu and to make an online reservation. Online Reservations can be placed beginning 9am on Monday, March 30th. Pharmacist consultations are available by phone.

ONLINE RESERVATIONS: You will need to create an account below before your reservation can be processed. Please provide a mobile number so that you may receive a reservation confirmation. Our Menu is powered by I Heart Jane. If you are new to Rise or Medical Marijuana, CLICK HERE

Please check our Facebook page for up-to-the minute information and any change in store hours. If you suspect you’ve been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or flu-like symptoms, please do not place a reservation unless you have a designated caregiver to pick it up. Practice social distancing at Pick-Up. Stay safe!

Rise Dispensaries vary the most from location to location- this company exists in many different markets around the state. I have only visited the Steelton location as it is not too far from Hershey Medical center. Now that the Central Pennsylvania market is beginning to grow with new brands entering into Harrisburg region that I have not visited (and will not visit until after this pandemic); I admit that I do not have insight into this market as well as I would like at this time.

Cranberry: (412) 422-0420
Squirrel Hill: (412) 422-0420
Online Ordering: YES
Curbside Pickup:

Only existing Solevo Wellness patients are eligible to use the Online Reserve system.

In order to reserve products online, you must first register for an account. You must register with your name exactly as it appears on your PA Medical Marijuana ID. If you do not register with your name exactly as it appears, we will not be able to fulfill your online reservation.

Registering for one location allows you to login at any location.

You may only place one (1) Online Reserve order per location per day.

Online Reservations cannot be edited once submitted.

At this time, orders can be picked up between 11-4pm.

After intensive development and testing, the Solevo Wellness team is proud to announce that our Online Reserve system is now available at our Squirrel Hill location. Following the direction from both the CDC and the state health department in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic, with patient safety in mind, our development team worked diligently day and night to launch the first version of our new Online Reserve system. Once we fully train our staff across the board, we will be rolling out the system to the other locations in the days following (look out for that announcement!).

From their COVID-19 statement:

Our employees must follow the same standards as other medical facilities under the supervision of the Department of Health. We want to assure our patients and vendors that we operate in a sanitary environment and have taken cleanliness seriously, long before this outbreak occurred. All three Solevo Wellness locations are professionally cleaned multiple times each week, and all common surfaces are disinfected throughout each day (door handles, touch screens, pens, clipboards, table tops, counter tops, etc.).

In addition, our facilities were built with the health and safety of our patients, vendors and employees in mind. While not a requirement under the PA medical marijuana program, prior to building our first dispensary in Squirrel Hill, our Board of Directors mandated that all interior facility walls be coated with anti-microbial paint. Anti-microbial coatings have been scientifically proven to provide adequate and long-lasting protection against fungi, mold and bacteria. This allows for increased cleanliness on a considerable scale by reducing the presence of germs and bacteria in the air.

Abington/ Malvern/ Sellersville: 215-836-1535
Online Ordering: Yes
Curbside Pickup: MALVERN ONLY

Emergency Caregiver Delivery: YES

From their website:

Philadelphia: 215-383-3201 (Call in your order, please)
Online Ordering: No
Curbside Pickup: No

From their Website:

The health and well-being of our patients, caregivers, customers, and our associates is our highest priority. Amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Verilife will continue to deliver the highest level of care with the greatest level of precaution to keep you healthy and safe. We have mandated that any of our associates who feel ill are excused from work and should not come to the dispensary.

The best way for all to stay healthy is to prevent transmission. We urge our patients and caregivers to stay at home and seek medical assistance if they are not feeling well.

Verilife… Oh dear. Please update your policies- and if your policies are updated, please update your website.
I have not personally visited this dispensary however, I sincerely hope they have measures in place and update their website soon with how they are implementing the new measures from Harrisburg.

Although this time is stressful, a great deal of positive legislation is being passed in favor of the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis- All updates for the near future will be revisions on this specific article. I encourage any of you to email me at or via comment to add your own experiences at your local dispensary. (Also, if you would like to financially contribute to my efforts in this publication- you can paypal the same email address. My spouse was laid off last week.)

Sadly, I likely will unable to update more than once every few days as I do still have obligations to attend to as clergy in my religious community. I provide free memorial services and religious support remotely, not to be depressing but I may be beginning the busiest period of my life. Chances are, I will find myself writing more in my cringingly religious, Norse religion blog in the coming weeks. I bought the domain for Maybe I’ll finally transfer my better work from in this time. But anyway,- I’m multifaith and pretty much accept everyone (Except for Asatru that want to erase the Runic alphabet from our religious practices.)

For being disabled, my life is an unpaid and confusing event between migraines and PTSD.

That also means if you give any dispensary employee a hard time, I hope your disgusted ancestors give you nightmares until you send apology donuts upwards to fully catered meals to the offended dispensary employees who are risking their health daily to keep us medicated.

Thus concludes the list of Dispensary preparedness. I hope that this helps you choose the safest option for your needs during these unusual and stressful times- I’ll update when I can.✨.

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