Site Redesign: Select one of Four Themes: Dark mode, Night Mode, Invert, and Classic

Thanks to the generous support of Kmesh Cannabis- our site is now far more friendly to patients with photosensitivity, colorblindness, migraine, and sensory processing sensitivities.

There are two buttons now located on every page of the site- a round toggle switch in the upper right-hand corner and a light/dark switch in the lower left. By playing with these two switches you can explore all four color scheme options for your viewing pleasure. (There is also a button at the end of this post)

The backend of the site is similarly equipped: I am currently typing this with a rager of migraine and my eyestrain is fairly manageable! With this in place, this site is far easier to update with my own photosensitivity issues accommodated.

Also, with the new business plan via our host, we can now add plug-ins to do all sorts of cool things such as the sliders below:

Feel free to post your feedback below! โœจ

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