Easy Medicated Gummies Using Distillate or RSO

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I love to cook, but I hate reading recipes online since I usually have to scroll forever to find the information I need. So. Here is a jpeg of the recipe first and then the explanation and step-by-step guide with photos after the jump:

Template modified via Canva.com. Feel free to print this out and put it on your fridge

This recipe is modified from this one found on The Ganja Chronicles blog. Since our program in Pennsylvania does not currently approve tasty edibles in our dispensaries, we have to make our own. For parents caring for young patients, these gummies can make dosing both more precise and enjoyable for everyone. The molds I used created gummies that range from about 5-10 mg per bear.

Either Distillate or RSO can be used in this recipe- however, one should be careful with their heat in this venture- if we are not swift enough with filling our gummy molds, reheating the mixture may cause a significant weakening of the strength of the resulting gummies.

Distillate syringes are fully activated already so they can be used either like RSO in recipes/ingested raw or it can be utilized like a typical concentrate and vaporized. Distillate often has a lighter taste, color, and slightly thinner consistency over RSO. (Always check with your budtender to make certain you are purchasing the correct products, just to make sure.)

Transforming your dispensary products into gummies have the benefit of creating even dosages of medicine that last for several hours in a delivery method that is tasty and easy to dispense.

Since the recipe is already posted above for all the impatient people, now we are going to go over every step of the process for those who feel better with more detail:

Let’s make some gummies!


Cooking Spray: I chose coconut oil spray, it worked well. Try to avoid sprays with added flour or unwanted flavors.

Measuring Cups/Spoons: Cooking is a Science. Measure carefully and the results will be consistent every time.

Glass Measuring Cup: Easy to pour and clean; also, you can see what you are doing more easily.

Silicone Food-Grade Candy molds: I used these, they came with the dropper. There are countless shapes available. I chose these for the small size allowing for more exact dosages.

Eyedropper or Condiment Bottle: To quickly and accurate fill your gummy molds. The dropper that came with my silicone molds works perfectly.

Whisk or Fork: to stir your concoction. A whisk is faster, but a fork will suffice.

Small Saucepan: One used for gravy is perfect, but any will do. Smaller ones are easier to work with for this recipe.

One container full of tap-warm water to prepare the syringe: If you submerge your syringe in slightly warm water, the product is easier to extract.

I couldn’t fit my saucepan in the photo

1g (1000mg) Syringe of RSO or Distillate: If only 500mg syringes are available, buy two. Sometimes combining two favorite strains is better than one. If you can only purchase one 500mg syringe, half the rest of the recipe if you wish to keep the strength per gummy the same.

½ cup Cold Water: Keep a bottle of water in the fridge ahead of time- it works great!

¼ cup Light Corn Syrup– That’s the clear type: However you can substitute the dark corn syrup and it will perform similarly- the finished gummies will just turn out darker and with a slightly different flavor.

1 box (3oz) Jell-O (any flavor): I have had great luck with every flavor except pineapple. Generic flavored gelatin is fine.

2 packets Plain Gelatin (.5 oz total, or 4.5 teaspoons): Knox or Storebrand are fine. If your local store is without plain/unflavored gelatin you can substitute with 4.5 teaspoons out of a second box of flavored Jell-O.

(For Vegan Gummies: Replace all gelatin with 3.5 oz of Agar Agar powder and replace the cold water with fruit juice. NOTE: I have not tested the vegan substitution for this recipe yet!)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Combine 1/2 cup cold water and 1/4 cup of light corn syrup in a glass measuring cup.

  • Stir until completely clear
  • Add mixture to a cold saucepan (Do not turn on heat.)
  • Add the box of flavored Jello and 2 packets of unflavored gelatin to the cold saucepan.

  • Without turning on the heat, whisk or stir the corn syrup, water, and gelatins until the powders are fully dissolved with no visible lumps.
  • Turn the stove on to low and heat the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes until clear- stirring every minute or so to prevent sticking to the sides of the pan. (If it bubbles a little towards the end, that’s okay!)
  • Set out your candy molds and spray them lightly with cooking spray.
  • While the mixture is heating on the stove, place your full RSO or Distillate syringe in a separate container of warm water. (Do not make the water too warm or it will decrease the potency.)
  • Once the mixture on the stove is heated until clear, remove from the stove and push the warmed contents of the RSO syringe fully into the liquid jello mix. Quickly Stir until fully combined. (The fully mixed solution will get slightly darker if you used the clear, light corn syrup)

  • Working Quickly, fill your condiment bottle or eyedropper with the liquid gummy solution and fill each compartment of the gummy mold. Overfill each space slightly, they shrink as they cool. (If it solidified too quickly to fill all the molds, you can GENTLY reheat it on the stove to remelt the solution: Be careful since too much heat may weaken the potency of the final product.)

These are a bit underfilled- practice makes perfect!
  • Place in the refrigerator overnight to set undisturbed.
This is the average amount created by this recipe is about 135 gummies with this mold. Each gummy is 5-10mg each on average.
  • BONUS: dilute the remains of the mixture in the pot with warm water for a tasty medicated drink to enjoy while you wait for your gummies to set overnight.
Mine seldom looks this fancy, photo credit Christian Holzinger unsplash.com

After setting overnight. Remove from the fridge and turn over the molds to remove the solidified gummies by pushing them out (Here I dumped them out onto parchment paper to more easily sort them.)

Store refrigerated, preferably in a glass container 

If you are going to use a repurposed jar, make sure you clean it out thoroughly. Gummy candies pick of stray flavors easily

And there you have it! Easy and delicious edibles made at home. Enjoy! ✨


  1. How long do these store? Super important… potassium sorbate can help for those having issues storing at room temp, just 1/4 tsp to her recipe and store for 1 year + at room temp.

  2. Is it possible to just put rso in each gummy? That way, you know exactly how much is in each one. Instead of mixing it in an not knowing exactly how much is really in each one.

  3. You are an absolute gem for putting the recipe first! 💙 I have ADHD, scrolling FOREVER means I’ll usually miss it and get frustrated and I have pain and inflammation in my hands from Lyme (I speak text into my phone because my job is typing and that hurts enough).
    I intend to try my hand at these in the coming week and I’m super excited! Thank you!

  4. Ren, finally a recipe that has the exact syringe I bought and with easy instruction. Surfed the internet for awhile before finding your post. Thank you so much.
    Quick question;
    If you’re using a larger than a gummy mold, I assume you will get twice or more the potency? I bought a heart shaped mold about three times larger than a standard gummie mold to try as well.
    Some like it higher.
    Thanks again.

    • Ren; is it possible to let your gummies set in the counter instead of the fridge? Or is it essential to put them in the fridge?

  5. Thanks for the easy directions. I will be adding potassium sorbate into my next batch…it will preserve the gummies so you can keep them at room temp. I’m doing this cause even tho it’s cold here in PA it’s warm in FL where I’ll be next month.

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