Weed and the Workplace: Medicating Safely on the Job

How to utilize cannabis during the workday safely and effectively. (Photo by Alexandre Chambon Unplash.com)

If you fear losing your job: don’t risk medicating while on the clock.  But as cannabis proves it’s effectiveness and safety, workplace medicating is becoming more common and accepted. 

While working from home, medicating mindfully greatly increases productivity; while in otherwise cannabis-friendly workplaces- cannabis increases creativity, decreases monotony, and generates greater trust/satisfaction from employees towards their employers far over companies still struggling with archaic prohibitionist policies.  

Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for all consequences should you decide to medicate at work. You are responsible to determine if it is safe, legal, and following within the policies of your contracts with employer(s). 

Now, with that being said there are suggestions to be made and strains to be tried & tested in our quest for greater functionality.   Through journaling, we learn the most useful information. Our next greatest ally is patience. 

Go slowly (as in, over the course of months) and carefully catalogue the effects carefully prior to leaving home on a new strain. Never try a new strain, product, or new delivery system for the first time and go to work.  

Medicating with strains that are already extraordinarily comfortable and familiar to us help decrease any chances of negative effects or unintended consequences while on the job.

The characteristics of a good working strain provide a solid boost of energy and increased mental clarity without any unwanted disassociation (spaced-out effects); a pick-me-up without the head trip, focused & creative, thought-provoking and productive without any negative side effects that can interfere with working.  

For those entirely new to medical cannabis my personal suggestions would be starting with Kosher Tangie, Pineapple Express, or a hybrid variety with ‘Cookies’ in the name, such as Cookies n’ Cream or Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).  These strains tend to have a “lighter”, uplifting effect with few significant drawbacks.

These hybrid strains are a great starting point.  Each patient must determine for themselves what symptoms need to be relieved to be their most functional, then match the terpene profile of the strains to their needs correctly via trial and error.  Pain relief, sedation, nausea control, energy focus, and/ or seizure prevention are some of the many characteristics of both the type of strain chosen ( Sativa, Hybrid or Indica) and the terpenes wanted added or subtracted from the mix for optimum functionality throughout the entire day.   

Choosing the correct strain for productivity will not produce intoxication or a ‘high’… However, feeling ‘high’ does rule out that dosage (or even the entire strain) as suitable for work!

Now, For those with more experience: Think about every time medicated with a named-strain and recall the effects. This is why journaling comes in handy:  Positive and negative responses to strains should always be noted and paid attention as well. This will help guide you to a great starting point with medicating at work. 

If ‘Daytime’ Sativa strains increase anxiety and the shakes do not attempt to use them at work simply because it’s labeled a ‘daytime strain’.  That is not going to serve its purpose, nor will there be any benefits.  Try a hybrid or an indica instead such as Kosher Tangie, and have found that it’s a good “starter” strain.  Kosher tangie is usually found as a 60/40 hybrid.    

Another suggestion is to start with a “light” indica or “tea time” strain.  This is where terpenes really play a role in cannabis based medicines:  There are indica strains that can be used starting about 11 am (early tea time) and used throughout the day without it making one tired or feeling run down by evening.

Other indica strains that might help are:

  1. Blue Dream
  2. Tiger’s Milk
  3. Grape Pie
  4. Elphaba’s Bliss
  5. Afghani

Some Indicas are even known as nighttime strains for their sedative effects.

Clearly, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding how to safely medicate and work.  Become confident and familiar first in the effects of any new cannabis product before attempting to work while medicated.

I hope you have enjoyed this conversation about responsible medicating and how you can safely medicate and work… it just takes time, patience and a little extra work…  But who best to invest the time in than ourselves, RIGHT!!!!   WE got this folks!   Love Peace and Blessings! -Cassee🥰

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