Greenbud Gazette 1st Anniversary: Help Us Grow!

The Greenbud Gazette is a year old and I am proud of how we have grown to be trusted advocates for the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Community. 

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Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

The Greenbud Gazette was born of nothing more than my laptop and frustration that cannabis-based medicines were priced both extraordinarily high and limited in selection during the initial droughts in our MMJ program.  Many Reading Pa residents had to drive to find affordable prices: A year ago prices for the same products found in every dispensary in the state were set higher in Berks county over every other in Pennsylvania.  Thankfully, since the inception of this publication the shortages have abated considerably and with new dispensaries opening in Berk’s and Lancaster counties, I now visit distant dispensaries purely for interview purposes/medical consultations rather than based entirely on price.

However, we need your help!

  1. We need more writers.  

 There has never been any lack of topics to cover for our fellow patients and Pennsylvania cannabis industry, and not only would I edit your work for you meticulously to create the best piece we can together- you also retain all rights to your writing and can sell it to any other publication at anytime, change the name to an alias (or remove an alias), send further corrections at anytime, and even retract and delete it at any time of your choosing.  This way you get valuable cannabis writing experience for your resume or CV and Pennsylvania patients benefit by becoming more informed by your efforts.

I have been fortunate beyond my wildest dreams to find the quality contributors who have donated weeks of their time and endless knowledge to Pennsylvania through their writing here.  Cassee Moseley, Ben Dial, and Tatiana Tzara have been instrumental in creating quality, well researched, and creatively written pieces that I am proud to publish-  but they deserve better than to work entirely for free- we all do.

  1. We also need financial support and advertising:  

We are all patients working around incredibly painful conditions and/or disabilities that make conventional employment difficult- however our minds remain perfectly agile (most of the time!).  Every writer here is motivated by the ikigai of sharing research, advocacy events, and teaching others how best to utilize this incredibly safe, yet incredibly expensive medication over conventional and often dangerous pharmaceuticals. 

We would love to offer up space at reasonable rates for ethical businesses, especially as we grow. 

Ideally, I would like to see this site evolve to the point where we have an entire section of the website dedicated to coupons, discounts, and sales announcements for the Dispensaries, manufacturers, CBD clinics, Medical Clinics, Cannabis culture artists such as glass artists, hemp clothing designers, tie dye artist, and any other Pennsylvania business or artisan that benefit from the exposure to thousands of Pennsylvania patients each week and then ideally pay each writer who contributes a fair wage based on the hours (and sometimes weeks) of dedication writing for you.

In the meantime, as we work on building our relationships with future advertisers, I encourage those who read this publication and find value in these pages to consider donating to the authors on this site that help you most as a “Thank You”.  Even enough to purchase a cup of coffee is deeply appreciated and encourages us to keep providing frequent and informative content for you.

I created a Patreon (after much convincing)- my intention is to recoup the costs of running this site, pay my writers per their articles already written, and help pay all of our bills in general.  To write for Greenbud often requires driving, long phone calls with dispensaries, manufacturers, activists, and state representatives. For every article that is published- there are often four to six drafts in various states of progress or research.  The process is neither quick nor simple.  

Professional writing jobs are difficult to come by- and I would like the privilege of setting new precedents by treating those who write for the Gazette the same ways I wish I was treated when I started in this industry.  I have written for other publications promised eventual payments that never came- and given no means to be compensated.

Here at Greenbud Gazette- the goal is to give as many opportunities as possible back to the community.  We are a community publication:  Hence, I asked everyone who has written thus far for their paypal, Cashapp, or Patreon- and added that info to the end of each article.

If you have enjoyed our work, please consider sponsoring our staff with a donation:
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Here is more about our current writers:

Cassandra Mosley who writes deeply informative and well- researched articles on strain lineages, terpenes, and cannabis safety has written a very informative book called: Newbies to Dewbies:: A patients experience and guide to the world of Medical Marijuana and all that comes with it. which may be purchased on Amazon with the above link. 

You can also thank her for her writing by sending money to her cashapp: $newbs2dewbs

Tatiana Tzara is an academic currently living in New Mexico, she contributed a fantastic article on strain names a few months back. In the coming months she will be moving to the East Coast to continue her education and professorship.  You can donate to her paypal at:

Ben Dial contributed our most popular article on this site, the RSO brownie recipe. ย  He is currently a college student near Scranton. Ben’s personal Patreon may be found Here.

As for myself… my name is Ren Anderson- I started writing articles for the cannabis industry over two years ago beginning by writing my first articles for the Washington-based website  I purchased the Greenbud Gazette domain by selling custom t-shirts via consignment at Uniquely Local – however, persistent neck pain makes this artform difficult to maintain very often.  With a diagnosis of intractable migraine with extreme photosensitivity, writing and editing is my most productive and easiest to maintain contribution to the world.  Any donation amounts to assist me in maintaining the site and paying for essential programs and services that will improve the reading experience for as many patients as possible.  My goal after recouping my expenses is to pay my writers a minimum of $100 per piece (to start-).  However, even enough to buy us coffee now and again is deeply appreciated.  

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(My personal paypal link is:

As the landscape continues to evolve over the coming months, we will strive to ever improve our quality and diversity of content to best serve Pennsylvania patients.  Your contributions in submissions, advertisements, and financial gifts to our dedicated writers is deeply appreciated and encourages us to continue providing  high quality content,

Imagine if you had a voice to speak to every Pennsylvania cannabis patient and industry professional at once:  What do you want to say to the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis community of patients, activists, and industry professionals?  

Let’s make your voices heard, advertise, write, and support our dedicated staff The Greenbud Gazette!โœจ

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