Dispensary Profile: TerraVida Holistic Center, Sellersville

Location Visited:
TerraVida Sellersville
64 N Main St, Sellersville, PA 18960
(215) 836-1535

Dispensary Websitehttps://terravidahc.com/
Email: info@terravidahc.com


Sunday: 9AM–5PM
Monday: 8AM–8PM
Tuesday: 8AM–8PM
Wednesday: 8AM–8PM
Thursday: 8AM–8PM
Friday: 8AM–8PM
Saturday: 8AM–8PM

Curbside Hours:
Weekdays: 9AM-7PM  
Sundays: 10AM-4PM

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A comprehensive profile on TerraVida, Sellersville- Photography credit: Brian Adams

TerraVida, Sellersville remains a medical cannabis destination for patients of Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. Known for an outstandingly comprehensive yet varied selection of products, low prices, and exceptionally knowledgeable employees; this dispensary is busier than most. Often standing room only, even before COVID-19; TerraVida’s patients are skillfully assisted by budtenders and medical professionals: each passionate about utilizing the medicinal properties of cannabis comprehensively and efficiently.

The atmosphere of the Sellersville location is often described as ‘Spa-like’- Even
with restorative construction underway from the recent flood, TerraVida still serves the patients (primarily) of Bucks and Montgomery country with very little interruption.

In fact, all TerraVida locations instituted an emergency caregiver service program that travels up to 30 miles of their location to patients with a minimum $80 purchase- a distance which may be the largest radius presently in the Commonwealth.

Company Information

Unlike many of their competitors, TerraVida is not parented by a larger organization in another state or in Canada- and is, in fact, the only dispensary company owned by a woman in our Pennsylvania program, Chris Visco. Visco owns three TerraVida dispensaries total with the other two locations each in Malvern and Abington.

TerraVida is also serving the community both in activism for those harmed by the “war on drugs” with their VOWD program as well as sponsoring affordable online certification events each month open to any patient with a valid medical condition already registered with the PA department of health for only $100 for new certifications and $50 for recertifications.

Initial Phone Call

For the first time visit to a dispensary in Pennsylvania, scheduling an appointment with a medical professional is strongly encouraged- the best way to manage this is by phone. TerraVida highly recommends scheduling appointment for a first-visit consult but do not require it. (There are plenty of people with experience that do not want to have a consult and that is perfectly alright! A form is provided to sign if you decline the first-time consultation.)

TerraVida employs a centralized call center for all three locations.
When first calling, their recording indicates the operational status of all their locations. (‘All locations are currently open and operational at this time’ or messages indicating otherwise. )

The phone menu is as follows:
Option 1 is hours and general information
Option 2 is to speak to a representative.

Each time I have called the representatives have been incredibly well informed, helpful, and kind.
I have never personally experienced any hold times via their phone system in over two years.

However, they currently do not have the ability to take reservations over the phone at this time.

Also- their website offers live chat during most business hours- this is an excellent option for those who feel more comfortable with texting.

How To Get There

TerraVida, Sellersville is located just off of route 309 between Lansdale and Quakertown.

From Central Pennsylvania – TerraVida is one of our most Easterly dispensaries in Pennsylvania. For most of us, taking 422 East to Morwood Road- Then turn onto Forrest Road and follow that until you can take Cathill Road all the way to Main street, or alternatively, Choose Route 73 East to Route 100, then pick-up route 563 to County Line Road to Cathill road all the way to Main Street. TerraVida is on your left.

From Western (Distant) Pennsylvania: Head East in your preferred method to cross the state from your location. (TerraVida is an hour distance between I-76 and I-78 equally) Then choose route 309- At wherever point you cross it.

If you chose I-78: head South by picking up route 309 in Allentown and head South until you reach the exit for Bethlehem Pike on route 309. Follow Bethlehem Pike, it becomes Main Street in Sellersville.

If you chose I-76: Take I-76 East to I-276 East to the Route 309 exit- Head North until you reach Bethlehem Pike on the Sellersville Bypass. Bethlehem Pike becomes Main Street. TerraVida is on your left.

From Northern PA-Two choices: you can take 611 South to route 113 all the way into Sellersville or you could just head directly to Allentown and pick up 309 South, Exit onto Bethlehem Pike just past Quakertown, and stay straight onto Main Street, Sellersville. TerraVida is on your right.

(Note: Google maps will direct you to avoid the main traffic light in Sellersville via North Branch Street, to Elm, to Main street. Either way is perfectly fine!)

From the South: Find Route 309 North: Head North until you reach Bethlehem Pike on the Sellersville Bypass. Bethlehem Pike becomes Main Street. TerraVida is on your left.

Where to Park: On the right-hand side of the giant parking lot shared with the firehouse- There is no shortage of free, convenient parking. The firehouse has a separate parking lot that is off-limits to TerraVida Patients- parking along the wall and a shared lot far in the back that remain clearly marked for patients is just fine.

TerraVida employs security outside to help direct people where to park along with copious amounts of signage.

The area is safe enough I would feel unconcerned if I left my car unlocked unattended. However, the parking lot is rough and very uneven in places and a considerable walk. Especially with the construction. Although the building is fully ADA accessible, curbside pickup or utilizing the emergency caregiver service may be easier for those with mobility issues.

Via Public Transit: There is no public transit that enters into Sellersville. The closest train station is in Lansdale- in theory, one could grab rideshares such as Uber or Lyft.

Curbside Pickup: Yes, Instructions for curbside pickup may be found here.

Emergency Caregiver Service: Up to 30 miles with an $80 minimum purchase. This service requires the patient to remain available at home at the time of drop off. If the order is placed before 12 pm, it will be transported the next day; after 12 pm- up to 48 hours. To utilize TerraVida’s emergency caregiver service, please call 267-636-9997 for more information.

First visit:

The entrance to TerraVida, Sellersville is presently located in the front of the building facing Main Street. After ascending the short ramp, an employee will open the door for you and direct you to the counter. Please sign your name on the sign-in sheet and hand your PA-MMJ card and state ID to the staff member behind the counter.

With COVID precautions in place, there may be a short wait out front since only 15 patients total are permitted in the building at a time: twelve in the lobby and three permitted in the sales floor at a time for your safety. Masks are required as is observing 6 feet of social distance between patients.

Wait times from entrance to reaching the sales floor average under 20 minutes per visit.

Therapy dogs are welcome

For patients completely new to the PaMMJ program, are strongly recommended to consult with an on-site pharmacist/medical professional at your very first visit to any Pennsylvania dispensary. However, scheduling a telehealth appointment is painless by calling their customer service number.

Visitor/Caregiver Policy:

As long as you have a valid PA-MMJ card children under 18 may accompany parents within the facility.

Caregiver cards take 6 months to process by the department of health, each caregiver may shop for up to 5 different patients Each patient can have 2 caregivers.

If using TerraVida Emergency caregiver service one of your two caregivers will be a TerraVida employee for that instance.

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At this time, the front stairs are roped off and the line begins on the ramp during high traffic periods.

Meeting with the Medical Professional:

TerraVida always has medical professionals available during business hours. All current medical professionals have their Doctorate of Pharmacy and/or Nurse Practitioner certifications and many on staff at this time are current patients- meaning their medical professionals can relate to patients with a first-hand understanding of cannabis and its benefits and side effects- which is a huge asset.

When you first meet with the medical professional for your appointment, make sure to have a complete list of your current medications and updated diagnosis

The medical professional will ask you a series of questions to best match each patient with the correct strains and products for your symptoms.

Here are some of the basic questions asked in the typical appointment:

Have you been to other dispensaries yet?
With what conditions and symptoms do you want help?
What are your past negative and positive experiences with cannabis?
Is there any form of medical cannabis you are NOT comfortable trying?

The medical professional will then go through the menu with the patient and explain the differences between products and strains- also going into detail about the duration of effects, potential side effects, and recommendations of specific products for your condition.

I have found TerraVida to be one of the most thorough in their introductory appointments: there are also several handouts provided to first-time patients (and all others who ask for them)- the amount of information available and provided is superior to most other dispensaries.

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Copious amounts of handouts are always appreciated.

Visiting the Showroom:

After check-in- either have a seat or stand and wait for a budtender to call your name and open the door to the showroom.

You will then be entered into a showroom- currently, there are three active registers behind clear barriers. The budtenders are incredibly passionate and well informed on all products carried- In this particular dispensary, their recommendations can be trusted easily as sound.

TerraVida is currently cash only and there are two ATMs on-site with a withdrawal fee of $1.95 per transaction.

You may add or remove items from your order once at the register with no difficulties

Discounts available

Veterans Discount: 10%
Birthday: 10%

Online Menu/Pricing

Click here for their online menu.

TerraVida only accepts orders via their online system or by walk-in only. Phone orders are not accepted at this time. However, patients may sign up for text and email alerts for when preferred products are restocked.

The menu is updating in real-time and now includes Terpene information making selections easier for patients who seek certain profiles. (In my case- Myrcene and Beta-Caryophyllene with low/no Pinene.)

Online reservations are held until the end of the day. Online reservations are held until the close of the following day.

Average Prices:

Flower: $12-20 Per gram, $45-$60 per 8th (3.5g), and $80-100 for a quarter (7g). This is at the low side of prices for the state. The selection is exceptional, despite the current shortage with over 25 distinct strains at this moment

For Vapes/Cartridges Disposables run from $25-$30 and Carts from $40-$60 per 500mg with distillate cartridges towards the $40 price point and Liquid Live Resin starting at $48. 1g carts run from $90–$96. Pods are currently $45-$60.

Extracts and Concentrates: $40-$50 for 500mg $55-96 for full gram concentrates. RSO runs $60-$80 per 1000mg

Tinctures, Topicals: All three topicals on the menu are $30, and tinctures run from $30-$120 with over a dozen options.

Capsules/pills: run from $20 at 100mg with the highest prices in 300mg rosin capsules at $60.

As always, call the store for more detailed information about current promotions and sales events.


TerraVida utilizes these classy paper gift bags for your purchases.


If there is a keyword I can associate with this Dispensary, it would be “Compassionate”. Patients are treated like actual medical patients rather than recreational tokers. From the training of the employees to the amount of care given with product recommendations, curbside pickup, an extensive service radius, their sponsorship of fairly priced MMJ patient certifications/recertifications, as well as their community service work for victims on the war of drugs; TerraVida has remained a consistent favorite among patients of South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Even during our frequent, statewide shortages is still in effect- TerraVida inventory remains largely unaffected; the prices have remained consistently lower than most, if not all other dispensaries in the region. Instead of complicated discount structures, TerraVida keeps it simple by avoiding unnecessary and unethical markups of products, choosing instead to offer all products at price points much closer to actual costs per item.

In conclusion, this dispensary is worth a pilgrimage; especially when shortages make finding necessary and specific strains for symptom relief- the uncomplicated price structure and high inventory selection is an absolute relief to countless Pennsylvania patients.✨

This is part 4 of a series of articles that detail what to expect from every dispensary company operating a location in Pennsylvania based on personal visits, starting with the best my region offers. As always- please understand that I am a patient as well and my writing time is severely curtailed/delayed by my own conditions of migraines/chronic pain. Like the rest of the work on this site, this is not a paid advertisement but a patient resource written by patients for patients on the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis industry. I choose the best dispensaries based on long-term monitoring of prices, policies, and positive patient/reader recommendations. I am based in Reading – thank you for your patience as I work my way to more distant corners of our beautiful Commonwealth.

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