Happy Birthday Dr. Arash Naraghi! (Without His Mentorship, This Site Would Not Exist)

The Buddie fox logo is updated and now is stuck looking like us both. Adaptation by Amanda Mulrain

There comes a time in every writer’s life when they look in the mirror and see their first copy editor…or perhaps that’s just me.  According to my notes, today is his birthday and a regrettable reminder of a long estrangement I would dearly like to remedy.

Thanks to a combination of outside trauma, religious discrimination, terrible writing assignments, and incredibly inopportune luck- I am not exactly certain how to go about repairing the damage, but perhaps, this may be a start

With profound thanks to both his pharmacy experience and meticulous editing style, Dr. Arash has remained a consistent blessing to my life, and by Extension the medical cannabis community entirely unintentionally; his voice remains the competent inner critic I reference with every article I edit… (I am my highest self already. thanks to this industry …🙃 Although I highly doubt he would approve of the amount of cannabis I imbibe)

By virtue of his mentorship, I  still retain the literal framework for writing, editing, and Scientific inquiry that I use to this day, in fact, it saved my life from almost certain death from acute intercranial hypertension which I regulated for over 6 years without a correct diagnosis with homeopathic remedies and mental discipline based in clearly Sufic methods I had forgotten every way except subconsciously.

A direct consequence to Dr. Naraghi’s influence, I found myself both a well-respected cannabis journalist and remain alive and in better health than I have been in years…although I remain slightly impaired

It is not often one returns from almost certain death and makes a full recovery; with this second chance, there is no pain I would like to relieve more than with reconciliation with my best and favorite friend and mentor.

With all these factors above- I would like to humbly ask his forgiveness for my prior unwillingness to reconcile my unreasonable fears as well as for any harm I may have caused in my profound ignorance and prior callow actions. The past ten years of my life have been spent running away in mindless amounts of physical and spiritual pain and I would like to correct what errors I can while we both have this second opportunity.

Further, I apologize for taking dangerous risks in Theological journalism, which, Thank God, this cannabis blog helped me avoid the last few years.

(I learned I far prefer living a religion I actually love versus writing endless, pained articles about what I hate about my obscure faith of origin, anyway)

We are now two of the last remaining clerics of our particular denomination in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (to my knowledge).

With the wisdom gained from time’s passage, I feel confident the same mistakes may be fully avoided in the future.

My mirror tortures me daily lately.  Although I do not see my lost friend in person I most certainly get reminded of him each time I see my reflection.

Great minds think alike- and apparently, look alike as well. (However. If there is to be a true Team Rocket reunion… Prof. Meowth is likely still in Texas🙃)

Further, since a great deal of our estrangement was due to our mutual boredom with a physics paper to which we were both enslaved… It seems only appropriate to turn it into a rock opera that is simply meant to be enjoyed versus edited and promoted.  (I’m still working on it, It’s been 6 months so far!😅)…

And if even that bores us, I will happily leave Physics for good in favor of Mysticism.

Anyway- the maudlin nature of apology letters aside- Murid Marchosias hopes Molana Naraghi has a very Happy and Profound Birthday …and also hopes he will consider in person reconciliation someday.😊

با نهایت عشق و احترام ،

رنه مارکو (Marchosias the Editor)


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