Dear Pennsylvania…

I have retired:)

Medical cannabis remains essential & necessary medication for countless conditions; I pray still for full legalization and the restoration of the rights of all patients under our Creator to grow, cure, and process our own medication without fear of persecution.

The only good memories I will keep of Pennsylvania are of my short time as one of your journalists and my time spent learning/teaching with you, my peers, students, and mentors.

Although born and raised in our Commonwealth, I have enjoyed nearly none of the time spent here in service to our people except in the service to medical cannabis patients and workers.

I love you, Pa Medical Cannabis Industry. You remain the only community that truly appreciated my time and efforts to serve you.

Goodbye, Pennsylvania. I had a terrible time and enjoyed nearly none of it except my brief sojourn into this industry and with you, my dear readers.

The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Industry is honestly the only place I have felt truly welcome, accepted, & appreciated for my efforts, and I thank you for your profound kindness, care, and love.


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